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Wedding Day

Hey~ ( ^ w  ^)
So today I'm going to write about my brother's wedding :3

He married a girl he knows for so long and this year they have been together for already 10 years. Amazing right? I am sure they will be happy together for the rest of their live.
It was such a beautiful wedding, simple but beautiful, and the guests kept the mood up the whole day :D There were some really funny moments too, like when my brother had to be a baby xD his wife would be his hands and should feed him etc, so funny to see! 
But there were also some sad mh no emotional moments. Their friends made a long video with friends and family for the bride and groom. I also had to talk xD" Unfortunately I was informed about it when I was in Tokyo already, so I had to do a video with my crappy iPhone camera but! I did it in Shibuya at the big crossing 8D muhahaha~ My brother was really happy about that ^-^ 

Oh well I am happy for both of them and hope they have a great life together :)

Enough talk x) here are the pictures!

bottles with costumized M&M's :3
 me with my boyfriend :)

At the dinner they had this awesome photobox, where everyone could take pictures for the bride and groom :D It was a freaking fabulous idea! They added some costume accessory to it, so that we could make dorky pictures all the time. It was a big success and there were more then 150 pictures taken only with the photobox. The idea had a friend of my brother and it so reminds me of the purikura basic idea :D

my boyfriend and I dorking with the awesome photobox 8D

 bunny-brother with all his cousins, mother and mother in law :D

 my parents and my boyfriend and I :)

and the best shot:
 the family characteristic xD" I know we are so~ pretty right? 8D


my outfit

I only have a picture, from when I got the dress months ago 8D
I am sorry! But we were so nervous etc that I totally forgot to take a full outfit picture with my shoes etc Dx On the pictures you can see my hairstyle, which was done by Ferber hairstylist here in Luxembourg. My shoes were my favorite peep toes from Iron Fist and as bag I had a white Angelic Pretty bag. My Jewellry was mixed, expensive Swarovski and cheap Claire's stuff but it went so well together 8D Here are the items: 

AP bag + Iron Fist peep toes

nails are from Aya1gou @ etsy :)


And as last picture, the groom and bride together :)

 aren't they so cute together?

I really enjoyed the wedding. Both of them are now on their honeymoon on the french polynesia. I am so jealous because they will go to Bora Bora Dx me gusta ;^; 

That's it for today! 
Hope you liked it :)


  1. Tracey Marie9/15/2012 5:05 pm

    Ahhh, you and your boyfriend are so cute together! And the newly married couple look great, too! Wait a sec though...those goofy faces...that HAS to be photoshop liquify tool? I just can't believe those are real...I must know!

  2. Thank you! :D And the goofy faces are all natural xD My dad is the one who "invented" it and then the family members started training. Well the result can be seen in this picture ;D


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