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Schueberfouer 2012

Hello again~
This post is about an annual event, which takes place in Luxembourg city. This year I went there, the week after I got back from Tokyo with my boyfriend. We go every year, it's some kind of a tradition for luxembourgish people ;) But this year I took my camera along and tried to make some nice pictures, first time for me. There are a lot of photographers at the fair, it lasts 3 weeks, and so we are kinda used to see all the pictures around luxembourgish sites.

Here are my pictures, I hope you like them :)

my boyfriend shot me the little tiger cat ;D

I like to make these kind of shots :3

the huge ferris wheel "Bellevue"

last shot :)

Hope you liked this small post? Unfortunately there's not much happening here in Luxembourg. My brother got married, yep but that's all xD" I will make a post with some pictures of it too ;)
Next week university starts for me. I'll go to to study english for one semester. Well have to see if that's something for me.


  1. "it's some kind of a tradition for luxembourgish people ;)"
    not for me, it's so boring there..xD"


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