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Kawaii International - Gyaru Meet 2k12 @SBY

Some of you might have watched yesterday's episode of Kawaii International. They finally showed the little report about our Gyaru meeting from August in Shibuya! ( ^_^) I was so nervous Dx Unfortunately the report turned out to be really short, if I think about the 6 or 7 hours they were filming. But anyway it was nice to see!

First for those who don't know Kawaii International yet, here's their website:

They report about the latest fashion in Japan. This time the episode was all about Akihabara and the Otaku culture. They showed a maid café and the fashion scene which is currently developping in Akihabara. Really interesting! And in their corner "Kawaii Around the World" they showed our part. The report was about 5 minutes.

Here are some screencaps I had taken yesterday:

 they made a little introduction about Rox and also showed theri Gyarusa Hyper,
it looked like if she organised the meet by herselve in the report which wasn't true.
Charlotte and Rox were the organisers.

 first shot of Charlotte and Rox at Hachiko

 waiting for the Gaijin Gyaru to arrive and who came first?...

 Rukipe and I 8D

 waiting for the rest and there they came suddenly more and more~

Rui and Heike

 Lau :3

 Lis and many more of course~

 our whole group at around 2pm :D (20 seconds yai ftw XD)

 we head to 109~

 enjoying some cold Bubble Tea and the film crew asked for our Puris we took before

idk why but Rukipe, Rox, Charlotte and I are those who were shown the most I think

at the Gyaru café 10sion!

Rukipe lost in a game so she had to make a stupid face into the camera xD

 "Gyaru talk"

me talking about how people look at you in our country if you dress up and look different.
Lots of people on Kawaii.i's fb site agreed to what I said, seems like it isn't only in Europe like that.

talking talking talking~

and the last shot! group picture with all the guys ;D 

Here is the recorded version from Rukipe!
hope you can see it though...

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

So that's it! If you would like to read about the Gyaru Meet on my blog, here is the link:

In that post I listed all the Gyaru's who came to the meet along with their bloglinks. I think all of them blogged about the meet, so be sure to read those too! ;D


  1. wow~ I didn't know when and where this would be broadcasted.... wobei... ich kann ja auch auf deutsch schreiben, ne XD
    I'd like to see this video, too!!! Wurde das nur einmal gezeigt oder kann man sich das noch auf irgendeienm stream ansehen ??? o.O
    Aber danke schonmal für die screenshots <3 <3 <3
    bye bye Lau ~

  2. das wurde am samstag gezeigt. leider wird das nirgends zu sehn sein danach. Rukipe hat's gefilmt und versucht's auf fb zu setzen, wenn's geklappt hat schick ich dir einfach den link zum video :)

  3. u.u i don't know how or where i can see it... since i live in south america

  4. Oooh! I got to watch this/see this! <3

  5. actually it's quite easy! you just have to check their timetable with the date and time, then make sure you check at which time it will be aired in your own country and then you can go to this link:
    which is the stream of NHK world. The show won't be aired again after the days they showed it, except somebody reports it and puts it on youtube or somewhere else.

  6. my friend recorded the gyaru meet part! I put it in the post ;D
    hope you can see it though...

  7. video ist jetzt im post drin :D

  8. Just watched it o; wow looks like you guess had a lot of fun though (: Going to read about your met now <3 (:

  9. Uwaaa you are so lucky to have met everyone! ; 3 ; ♥ ♥ Next time, I'll come too!


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