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Day 17, 18 + 19: last 3 days

Hello everyone~
Sorry for not blogging earlier but since my brother got married this weekend, I was kinda busy ( ^ _ ^) Beside this really happy event, my f*cking iMac decided to strike. I had to bring it to Apple and in about a week I'll know why it doesn't work etc. That really pissed me off since I was hoping to edit my pictures in photoshop on it. I use my macbook now but the photoshop is older on it and there are lots of "extras" missing in it too. Hope you are okay with my pictures anyway :3

So today I will blog about our three last days in Tokyo! We didn't do that much but anyway I want to show you some of the pictures :3

Day 17

So on the second last day in Tokyo, Rukipe and I decided to go to Shibuya again and to get the new the GazettE album "Division" before we wanted to do the last shopping tour through 109. Beside this Rukipe and I were searching for a hairsalon where she could get her long awaited extensions. 

 wall at Tower Records with big Division commercial 8D

inside the stand for the new album

After we've been to Tower Records and got the new album (it's h-u-g-e!) we went to a hairsalon Laura told us about. She had been there to get her extensions and since she was really happy with them, Rukipe wanted to go there too. We found it quite fast, it's called "COCO" and is on the left of "Loft" in Shibuya. The staff there is really friendly and eventhough it was kinda hard for me to explain everything, we managed to make an appointment for the day after at lunch time. Rukipe was so happy after that x) I didn't take an appointment for me since I noticed that most of the extensions used in Tokyo, are as long as my natural hair. I felt like "uh my hair is so long 8D" haha xD"

So with a happy Rukipe and a heavy Tower Records bag we went to 109. Destination: Glavil by Tutuha! 8D A friend asked me to get her a cross necklace there and I wanted to buy something too. 

me with the Glavil staff!

The staff was like always really friendly and talkative too. I decided to buy a belt and a bag to match my babydoll ( ^ _  ^) After Rukipe finally decided if she should buy the bag too ;D we went to the cashier and the staff asked us if they could make a pictures with us too for their blog~

Here it is on their blog! ( ^w^) Our second time on the blog ;D 
but this time in nice outfits and with good make-up 8D


After we've been to 109 and got something to eat, we went to take some purikuras again 8D
We couldn't go somewhere without taking some! 

a scanned one to show you our outfits~


Dress: Glavil
Shorts: bought in Harajuku
Socks: Tutanna
Shoes: Ma*rs
Bag: Golds Infinity
Necklace: Glavil
Hairaccessory: 666Kreepsville
Ring: Super Lovers

Day 18

We didn't do much, since we had to be at the hairsalon at 12 and afterwards we wanted to finish packing our luggage. We started the evening before, but couldn't finish and we needed a scale xD" we were so damn afraid because of the weight! But however most important:

Extensions time for Rukipe! 

The extensions were done in 40 minutes and a full head cost only 10,000¥! 
So I can only recommand to go there if you want some extensions. The staff is like I said before, really friendly and nice and the work good. There were two other gyarus getting their hair done when we were there. 

For more informations about the quality etc of the extensions, go visit Rukipe's blog entry about it:

After she got her extensions we so had to make some more purikuras!

don't the extensions look awesome on her?! :D

 outfit picture in puri style x)

So after these things, we went back to our guetshouse. Kuga-san, the owner, invited us to go eat some Okonomiyaki with him and a friend of mine who was staying at the guesthouse too.
 It was a so freaking delicious!

Kuga-san and Anna :3

 omnomnom Okonomiyaki!

 happy us~ without gyaru make-up Dx

 After we ate a lot and were full, Kuga-san decided to take us to Karaoke xD
Anna, Rukipe and me went to the Karaoke place, while Kuga-san had to get his membership card. When he got there, he had like uhm 3 other guests from the guesthouse with him. And we knew that it's going to be a long night xD It was so much fun and I am really happy that we could enjoy our stay with all those people again. I can't wait to see all of them again in December :3

Here's a group shot :3

Rukipe sings, explains her weird face haha~ 8D

So at around midnight we went home and Rukipe and I said good bye to everyone. (;  ^;) It was weird somehow, but I think it was harder for Rukipe to say good bye, then for me since she doesn't know yet when she can go back. It's always nice to stay at a guesthouse, because you meet people from all around the world. Since my first stay in 2009 at Kuga-san's guesthouse I knew people from Poland, Spain, Germany, America, France, Switzerland, Sweden, China, Malaysia, India, Australia, Japan, Korea and Nepal. Understand what I mean? 8D Two of those people I've met there are now two of my best friends. I can't imagine to not go back there :D I love Kuga-san's guesthouse and him of course too! ;D

Day 19

On the 31st of August at 9.30am we left the guesthouse to go to the airport.
Our flight took off at 12.25am and we were on our way back home to Luxembourg.

ByeBye Tokyo!
See you in December!


  1. Sehr schöne Ouftis ♥ deiner Freundin stehen die Extensions extrem gut!!! O:

    Hat dieses Guesthouse eine Homepage oder so...? Ich such für meinen nächsten Trip immer noch eine gute Unterkunft..

  2. Danke <3

    Ja hat es :) Es liegt aber etwas außerhalb, in Arakawa-ku, Ueno liegt am nächsten als größere Station, sind so 5-10 minuten und Shibuya ist 30min entfernt. Alles mit Yamanote line ;) Es ist auch nicht mehr das neuste, heisst man merkts an der Einrichtung und Küche ;) Aber ansonsten ist's ganz okay :) Ist jetzt kein Luxus aber ich finds okay wenn man so für 2-5 Wochen ne Unterkunft sucht.


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