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Day 16: Tomohisa Yamashita Live Tour 2012 ~eroP~ [Part 2]

Tomohisa Yamashita Live Tour 2012 ~eroP~ 

concert on the 28th of August at Yoyogi National Stadium First Gymnasium

I got my ticket and entered the stadium. Actually I didn't check my seat when I entered, since I thought I got a seat at the stands like for the TegoMassu concert in 2010. But then I went to a staff to ask which way to go (yoyogi is so confusing inside!) and he was like "just go down the stairs and then right". My thought: Yai 1st stand xD But then~ I finally checked my ticket...
I can't describe how happy I was when I read "アリーナ" the rest was really whatever for me xD I didn't care about the blog or seat since I knew what would happen in the Arena 8D However my seat was in Block C kinda in the back but I had a great view.

I don't know if any of you watch Johnnys concert DVD's or ever went to a Johnnys concert but a seat in the Arena means: singer passing by on little "cars", walking by, chance to catch something, filmed by camera, etc. So I think you can imagine how happy I was? Since I knew that I would see my favorite Japanese singer and actor only some meters away from me and maybe might have the chance to get a signed board/ball or to touch him.

 in front of the stadium~

And now on to the concert review~ like finally right? ( ° w °)v
I don't have any pictures or videos since it was prohibited to take some.

The lights went out, the screens turned on, music was playing, me shaking all over the body, nearly ready to cry, uchiwa in left hand, pen light in right hand... Where was Yamapi? The screens moved to the side on the main stage and there he was. In the air on the tour logo, lying, smiling, waving to the fans. I can't describe how happy I was at that f*cking moment. He started to sing "ERO 2012 version" and the lips moved closer into the hall and down to the fans. The first song is always the worst for me, especially for Arashi and Yamapi. That's why I write like that at the moment. The memory itself makes me shaking again and happy too. 

After he got off those lips he greated the audience and started his awesome show. The songs he played during the whole show were from his newest album "ero", but he also sang songs from the album "Supergood Superbad" and old famous songs of him such as "Daite Senorita", "MOLA" and even a song from NewS, "NewS Nippon". When he played that song I was so damn happy. You might know that Yamapi had left NewS some months ago. This was quite a big shock for me and all the other fans around the world. But as he played that song I knew that he is still proud that he was a member of that group. And so he said too.

In the middle of the show he held an MC, a part where the audience sit down and the Johnnys talks about random stuff. Most of them talk about the tour and so on. I didn't knew what he would do since he's all by himself on stage. And what he did then was for me really impressing. He talked about the tour and told us really funny things from other concerts but then he went to the fans and talked with them. Yes you read right! He went down the stairs into the fans and talked to them. I think he adressed about 7 or 9 people. He gave them the chance to ask him a question. There were really funny questions such as "what colour do your underpants have today?" ROFL xDD And his reaction was just "let me show you!". Thank you Yamapi for showing us for so many times your flawless body. Well he took off his shirt quite often or lift it up to show his belly x) He's a Johnnys after all ne~ 

During the MC he also told us that one of Kis-My-Ft2 was there to see the concert. Hell no what the fans freaked out x____x Yamapi also gave some things to the fans, such as his towel or balls with his signature on them. But then after the MC a really sad part came.

The big screen on the main stage was on and there appeared his own writing and his voice reading this out loud. I immediately knew what would come. During this "speech" (he wasn't on stage at that moment) he talked about leaving NewS. He told us why he did it, why he went Solo and apologized to the fans that he disappointed them by leaving NewS. I started to cry. He said that with so much sorrow and he even said that he can understand why the fans were that angry at him and that he understand that they were shocked. He apologized once again and said that in his heart he'll always be a member of NewS and that he will never forget his time with the boys. He said that he will cherish all the memories inside his heart and that he wants them, the last 4, to keep going and give their best as a 4-member group from now on. He also asked the fans to keep supporting them as they did before and to not be angry anymore since it wasn't their fault. 

After his speech (me crying like a child and everyone around me too) he came on stage again and sang a song which killed the rest of the fans who didn't cry yet. He sang "Nayami no Mori no Mannaka wo". It isn't a sad song, but in the context of the speech he held before the meaning of the lyrics came across completly different and how he sang it was different too then on the album. I couldn't stop my tears at all, I was just hiding behind my uchiwa and trying to calm down. But I couldn't until that song ended and he said that after this sad moment, he wants the audience to smile again and to keep having fun with him. It was really hard to do that but after the next song, I think it was one from his album "Supergood Superbad" (sorry hard to remember everything) the audience was really lively again. 

The rest of the concert passed way to fast. I didn't mention yet that he passed on those little "cars" twice right? Well he did before the MC. I was freaking out since he was only like 2 meters away from me on that car and if I would have reached out far enough, I would have touched his legs. But I didn't, since I think that this is quite uncomfortable for the singer during that moment. He touched the hands of the fans, but stopped some rows before he passed mine. However I was really happy. He also went on some kind of crane, which lifted him up to have a better look from above on the fans. (If you saw a johnnys concert you know what I mean) At that moment when he was on the crane on my side of the stadium, he looked down at the block where I was in. I waved and smiled like a cake and he looked directly at me, pointed at me, smiled back and waved. Me happy as fuck, fangirling mode on!

He saw me. Yamapi had seen me between all those fans of him. Maybe because I was a foreigner? Maybe because of my huge hair? xD" Maybe because of my light skin and my light pink dress? I don't know, the only thing that counts is that he saw me. 

The end of the concert were of course like uhm 3 encores. The fans didn't want him to go xD" I could understand that very well. He seems to be so close to his fans eventhough he is so famous. He really approaches his fans as good as he can and he gives his very best. He is a really kind and funny person and loves to be on stage, you could see that very good. He really enjoyed the concert too.

The concert all in one was awesome. I know lots of people say that~ But for me it was probably one of the best concerts I've ever been to. Not only him as singer and dance was good but also the lightshow, the dancers, the music, everything! I've never seen such a good lightshow at a concert until now and Arashi's was already breathtaking. I love Johnnys concerts. I will never stop to like Johnnys and to go to their concerts if I can.

I am really happy that I've been to the concert and that I finally saw Yamapi live.
I hope my review wasn't too boring for you? I know I write an unusal type of concert review, but this is what I remember the best about it and I never explain the whole concert in detail. 

Oh btw! The concert was filmed too and they will release a DVD with it :D Of course I already ordered it and I can't wait to see it since I got filmed quite often by the crew too xD" However I love to have concerts I've been to on DVD :) You can always relive a moment of happiness.

Thanks for reading my review!
I will post about our last two days in Tokyo some time this week too.
( ^ __  ^ )


  1. i havent been to a concert in japan yet but my sister and mom and it must be so fun! :-)
    its interesting to read about it !!! didnt you take more pictures on that day? :)

    aahhh and can i ask you, in your last post, the prisilla twin tails...where did you buy them and how expensive were they ? (>-<) i want to buy some too but i dont know where ....:( if you can you can write me back on my blog (^-^)

    im looking forward to other japan posts of you!!!!

    ps: how long did you stay there? :)

  2. thx for your comment! I'm replying you here since I think it's easier but I'm going to take a look at your blog 8D

    I got the twintails at marui one in Shinjuku, the one where they are selling lolita stuff etc. I think they cost together aroun 10,000¥. Expensive yup I know but the quality is breathtakingly good. The twintails are long and really thick too, that makes them look really natural.

    I was in Tokyo for 3 weeks :) <3

  3. Tracey Marie9/08/2012 6:46 pm

    Sutewi! I just tagged you in a post on my blog for the Liebster Award! Here's a link to the post:


  4. thx so much Tracey! :D
    gonna blog about it this week~


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