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Day 16: Tomohisa Yamashita Live Tour 2012 ~eroP~ [Part 1]

Here I am again~ ( ^ - ^)v

I am back in Luxembourg with a damaged suitcase, strong jetlag and an iMac who doesn't work anymore~ But I am fine 8D Seriously beside that I feel good. I am back home, can sleep in my comfy bed, can cuddle with my pets, can take care of my injured cat and can finally be with my boyfriend again. Until now I am not really like "Oh I miss Tokyo so much!" like it was the last years when I got back. I think this might be 'cause I know that I'll be back there in January, good thing. But well enough uninteresting stuff 8D 

Today I am going to write about the highlight of my trip to Tokyo:

Tomohisa Yamashita Live Tour 2012 ~eroP~ 

concert on the 28th of August at Yoyogi National Stadium First Gymnasium

Gonna write about it in 2 parts~

First I will explain how I got my ticket quite easily and cheap (^ - ^)

Since some time now Johnnys have a service called "Johnnys International" through which one you can get news and updates on johnnys bands, such as releases, concerts, etc. I subscribed some while ago and was hoping that one day they will offer a ticket service. And they did! At the beginning you could only get tickets for shows like "Johnnys Summary" or stuff from Tackey *urghs* but at the beginning of July I got a mail that they offer you the possibility to get tickets for Yamapi's concert tour for 2012. Me = happy as fuck! Of course I had to order at least one ticket~ 8D I chose the concert on the 28th of August, since I thought that it might be easier to get a ticket for that show. On the 29th was the tour final and maybe there were more people who wanted to go to that concert. If you don't know, Johnnys concert tickets are often distributed through a balloting. You can't choose the seat you want and you might not even get the ticket for the show you want. First you have to "subscribe" for a show and then you have to wait for their confirmation. And lucky me~ I got the ticket I wanted 8D The ticket could be purchased through another site Johnnys made especially for the show. You have to pay your ticket through credit card and will get it on the day of the concert. The price for the ticket was 8000¥ with fees and I subscribed to get a Johnnys Family Club Support Card too, which cost me 250¥ and I got the card at the concert.

So if you like Johnnys and might want to go to a concert one day, subscribe to Johnnys International! 

And now on to the day of the concert 8D ~

I dressed up, checked my "luggage", last check of hair and make-up and went to get the train to be at the Yoyogi Stadium at around 3.30pm. Since I knew that the goods are being sold long before the concerts for Johnnys. I had checked their website before and it was said that the sale would start at 1.30pm. I was hoping that there wouldn't be too much people getting goods, but anyway I wanted to be there early enough. (The concert had to start at 6pm and I could get my ticket earliest at 5pm.) 
Gonna quickly show you my look 8D

 my make-up and hair for that day
(wore my new prisila ponytails)

 new nails, since the black ones fell off the day before

The Yoyogi Stadium is in Harajuku, you can see it from the Harajuku station and it is quite known as a popular concert venue. I directly went from the station to the Stadium and there weren't that many people for the goods. Of course there are always some people already early but I went through in less then half an hour. I have to say that for Arashi I waited once for more than 2 hours... So I was kinda happy that it went that fast ;D Unfortunately you aren't aloud to take pictures of the stand where they sell the goods. I know there are quite a lot pictures on the internet but you aren't aloud to do so and that's why I didn't. After I got all my goods I went to the Takeshita Dorii to sit in a Café and to go and take some Purikura by myself. Yes I know forever alone 8D 

my gets at Claire's

At Takeshita Dorii I decided to get some things at Claire's and some skirts/pants for Rukipe and myself. But the main point doing this and going to eat and drink something at a café were to kill time until I could get my ticket 8D Here is one of the Purikura I took with my pretty Yamapi Uchiwa

felt like "forever alone" xD"

At around 4.30pm I went to the Stadium again to get my ticket. When I got there they started to let the people in already but I didn't had my ticket yet. It took quite long until I got it and there were a lot of foreigners to pick their tickets up. I was really surprised by the bunch of chinese girls there and yes scared too. I felt like an exception with my hime outfit and as an european girl all by herself. But I was there to see Yamapi 8D so I didn't care at all muhahaha~ 

In my next entry I will write about the concert itself~

But here are the concert goods I got:

everything~ together 8D

list of what I've got:
- Clearfile
- Uchiwa
- Totebag
- Pamphlet
- Penlight
- Love Chase singel RE
- ERO album RE
 clearfile, uchiwa, love chase single and ticket~

 pamphlet, totebag, penlight and ero album

detailed view of tote bag and the garland I catched at the concert~

Oh and here is my Johnnys Family Club Support Card I got at the concert day!

On the card are my name, my number, a photo of myself and the date of issue. I can use it in the future to get my tickets faster at the concert venue~ 

So that was the first part of my post about the concert!
Hope you enjoyed it and please read the second part too, even if it doesn't contain any pictures. We weren't aloud to take pictures or videos during the concerts that's why. Hope you still like my personal review. (^ w ^)


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