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Boring life~

Hello everyone~
I am sorry that I didn't blog for such a long time now, but my life isn't that interesting at the moment. I started with Egnlish studies at the University of Luxembourg and I save every little piece of money I can for Tokyo in January. There was no time to meet my friends yet, it is f*cking cold and rainy here so my outfits are more comfy and you wouldn't like them. 

before I've put my ponytails on last week

Last week I also had some problems with my eyes. They kept running and were red every morning and stayed it throughout the day too. Since it only happened when I was at home, I thought that it might be an allergy to something I am in contact here. Now I take allergy pills, use eyedrops against infection and it starts getting better. This was also the reason why I couldn't wear any lashes or circle lenses. Today I tried to wear them and it seems that my eyes are getting better, at least they don't hurt. 

Last week when I had my first university day, I decided to dress up gyaru and wear my prisila ponytails. It was strange. I noticed again how boring people dress here in Luxembourg. But oh well... And no I don't have outfit pictures, forgot to take some, sorry. 

 me with my dear huge ponytails~

And here is another picture I would like to show you:

no blood on the right, it's from her food ;)

My little princess. I wrote before my trip to Tokyo an entry about her accident of getting hit by a car and I thought maybe some of you would like to see and know how she is now. She is really healthy and acts quite normal again. She can't really see with her right eye, so she has some problems while jumping on something or playing but she can handle it quite good. She can't close her mouth yet, like you see on the picture, as her jawbone grew together a bit cricked (remember it has been broken into two pieces). The doctor will operate her on the 9th to take the wire out which one held the jawbone together and might also take a teeth out, so she can close her mouth again completely. The doctor himself said that he is really happy about how she recovered.

So that was it for now.


  1. Oh, I'm happy your cat is fine again! *__* I understand how you feel, really! We are both cat mommies! <3 Hope she will be fine again after the op!

    Your wig is great! :3

    Grüsschen <3

    Lou ( - Lou) xD

  2. I know you do :3 for us our cat is one of the most important things <3

    And thanks ^-^

  3. I love the pony tails!

  4. Those ponytails are EPIC! Very nice! And I'm glad to hear your cat is doing okaaaaay!

  5. thx! I am happy I got them :3


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