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Tokyo Day 1: Shibuya shopping~

Hey everyone :D
We arrived safely yesterday morning here in Japan ( ^-^) It was kinda stressfull to catch our flight between the arrival from Düsseldorf and the take-off in Frankfurt but we managed to do it. We didn't do much yesterday. We slept xD" and we were chilling in the guesthouse and then we went to sleep again haha! So yes, this post is about today which one is for me day 1 as we were on tour today :3

We went to Shibuya, my favorite place in Tokyo, and planned to only do some shopping in 109 and around. So we ended up with looooooots of bags from all kind of shops and with hurting feets xD" I talked enough now ^-^ Here are some of the pictures :D

 Both of us and the famous 109~

and today's outfit:

Top: Giorgia
Bolero: Jennyfer
Shorts: Bershka
Shoes: Topshop
Bag: LizLisa

And today's gets~ 
I know you want to know what's inside all those bags 8D 
But I wont tell you~ This is my secret for now! 

So that's it for today (^_^)v  Tomorrow is the big Gyaru meet in Shibuya! Can't wait to meet all the gals~ I will blog about the meet for sure!



  1. I know what's in all the bags!! >:3 muhahaha!! <3

  2. Oh gosh I WANNA KNOOOOOOW what s in these bags xD
    jeez an ech sin frou dass dir fotoen post an sou updates maat *o* <3

  3. Super cute outfit!
    Ahh everything looks so fun and now I REALLY want to know whats n the bags! Hahaha

  4. hey hey :3 hoffe du erinnerst dich noch, bin die mit dem blauen rock vom meetup xD adde sich jetzt mal :3

  5. Hallo~ und danke :D kannst du mir noch deinen blog geben? :x find den irgendwie nicht ><


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