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day with my girls // outfits

Hey everyone~ (  ^____^)v
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This week I met my girls in Luxembourg city to get some frozen yoghurt together~ yummy! My friend Alice also brought two BB creams along for me, she can't use 'cause of her skin colour. So happy~ 8D It was a nice meeting and a friend of Mirri told us that there is a shop in Esch, another city in Luxembourg, which seels yummy Bubble Tea! ( O ____ O)! Of course we had to go there and try it, aaaaaand it's delicious~ (* w *)

Me with the frozen yoghurt 8D
I know~ unhealthy stuff on it but I so wanted smarties xD
Because you know I love smarties *_*
 my make-up for the day ( ^ _^)
I tried to change my bottom lashes+shadow a bit,
what do you think?

And~ the Bubble Tea (° ____°)
With a weird face of mine xD"
but the sun was too shiny Dx

and here are two outfits of this week ( ^___^)

first one~ 
Top: IronFist
Bolero: Jennyfer
Shorts: ZARA
Socks: Dim
Shoes: 45th Avenue
Belt: Jennyfer

and I did my nails this week!
second one~
Vest: Jennyfer
Belt: Jennyfer
Boots: Double Decker

that's it for today~

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  1. i like your eye make, so pretty ^^ cute nails and outfits :)

  2. Jojo evilchocobunny8/03/2012 8:32 pm

    I love the nails! and OMG frozen yoghurt *__*

  3. Frozen Yoghurt!!¨Omg wie lecker das aussieht *__*...

    Deine Outfits sind mega toll! <3 Und du bist superhübsch, Steffi!


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