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Day 9: Shinjuku

Hey everyone~
So on our 9th day we went to Shinjuku to see the governement building and to go shopping. It was a hot day but it was okay. I don't have much to say about that day so I will just post the pictures~

The governement building, where you can have
a look over Tokyo for free from the 45th floor.

You can even see Mount Fuji if the weather is nice!

typical Shinjuku view

After the sightseeing, we went to Shinjuku Alta and an Arcade not far away from it~

 me (bad looking) with the Lis Lisa staff

with Glavil staff!

this cute alpaca was inside of one of the shops!

Later we went to the arcade where I spent too much money again (; _ ;)

But I won this:

lucky~ (* V *)

and lastly my gets~
spent way too much money again (; ^ ;) 


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