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Day 8: met my friend Nao // Asakusa // Shinjuku

Heyhey~ (^ w  ^)v

So yesterday we met my friend Nao. He's Japanese and I know him for two years, since my last stay in Tokyo. I couldn't wait to see him again after such a long time and yesterday we finally met again. Eventhough 2 years have pass we didn't change :) It was so nice to meet him and hang around the whole day, just like two years ago. 

 that's Nao :D

We went to see the Tokyo Sky Tree but I have to say we didn't go inside. Why? Well if you would like to wait around 2 hours in a line in the bruning sun just to get to the observatory which would be full of people, okay but we didn't want to. We went to the Sumida Aquarium which is under the Sky Tree. It was really nice! 

Tokyo Sky Tree~

 Jellyfish~ and me like a pro taking pictures of random people xD"

 this shark was so scary!

After we've been to the Aquarium we decided to get something to eat and visit the temples in Asakusa. We ate Katsu-curry~ I love it so damn much! The temples were nice to see like always and it wasn't that crowded as I thought it would be. I was kinda happy because of that. But still you couldn't take pictures without people walking inside of it -.- that really pisses me off.

 to the temple~

 the three of us :3

Later we decided to go to Shinjuku to take Purikura and to catch some alpacas in an arcade ( * ^ *)v
I didn't have pictures of that time but I have a picture of my pirate alpaca I got after trying two times only! :D Isn't it cute?!

arr~ Pirate desu~ 8Dv

And here's one of our purikura! Ania and I chose the same one to be sent to Nao's phone xD" we didn't know that until he told us ._. so that's why we don't have one with him on our pc ( ; ^;) Sorry Nao! *hugz*

derp pictures ftw!

I also took an outfit picture for once 8D"


Top: H&M
Shorts: Topshop
Shoes: Topshop
Bag: LizLisa

It was quite simple as it was really hot outside 
and we had to walk a lot too :)

So that was it for that day!
Today Rukipe and I went to Shinjuku to go sightseeing and do some shopping~
I might post about it soon (^ - ^)v


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