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Day 6: Concerts at Shibuya O-East and Shibuya - again


So yesterday was the loooong awaited concert in Shibuya with the following bands:


damdamdaaaaaaaam~ :D

Uhm yes so Rukipe and I left for Shibuya to have time before the concert to take puris and eat a crêpe. We also wanted to stalk a bit the people from Hachiko xD In 2010 that was my favorite place to watch at people, it can be really fun. We could do all this and after that we went to O-East, where we had to wait a bit until we could finally go in. While waiting we met 2 girls from Austria and one from Germany. Rin, from Germany, was also on the Gyaru meet but we weren't able to talk with each other on that day since she didn't stay that long. So we stayed during the whole concert with them and also went to a restaurant with them after the concert and later one we made some puris together. Puris are a must! No matter what time it is xD

my gets of that day~

The concerts were really nice. We especially went for ScreW, since we both love them, but I also wanted to see Kra and Ayabie. For ScreW we tried to squish ourselves more to the front. Rukipe, Hiki and I had a perfect view on Manabu and Rui :3 I must say those two definitly looked a lot on us! Players tststs~ Rui even gave us a wink xD *oh stop it you~* haha~ It was really funny. Of course they're concert was awesome like always and we enjoyed it completely. I love concerts in Japan. If you were on one here you know why. The most funny part for us was, when after the concert Manabu threw his pick in our direction.... it was so meant for one of us three but, the kshdkalreuhj japanese girl in front of us got it -.- me not gusta! But oh well can't change it now~

The other bands were really good too but Screw were the best. 

Here are some more pictures from that day~

 my make-up :3

 all the girls :D

 oh and I finally saw an Arashi commercial (*^*)

and last but not least a pic of Hachiko :3

So that was it for day 6!

Today we stayed at the guesthouse because we had a big barbecue here and enjoyed time with other people who stay here. It was really yummy and funny. Tomorrow we're going to meet my friend Nao. Can't wait to see him, since I didn't see him in 2 years! Ah so happy~ We will go to see the Skytree and afterwards Arcade an Purikura time (* _ *)

See you soon~


  1. ech hoffen et geet da nees besser :3 freen mech emmer op een neien update ^^<3


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