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Day 5: Ueno Zoo :3

Hello~ :D
Here I am again! I really try to keep you updated here (._.)" 
It's not that easy (>_<) But I'll give my best! (°^°)

So today we went to the Ueno Zoo and the parc. We left quite late the guesthouse as I was feeling really bad until around 3 pm ._. It so pisses me off that I am sick and that I am so weak because of that. We decided to go to the Zoo since it's not that far away from our Guesthouse by train and since the weather wasn't that hot today. It's still an assmelting heat but there are days where the sun doesn't burn on your skin that much, like today xD" 

On the way to the Zoo we also took some pictures of our neighbourhood :3

 a small street on our way to the Kumanomae Station

Kumanomae Station where we take the Nippori Toneri Liner

We arrived in Ueno and went straight to the Zoo, since it closes at 5 pm. 
We managed to see half of it in an hour :) 

But the most important thing for me was to see the big fluffy Panad (* w *) And we did!

 no not those Pandas xD 
I know I look horrible 'cause I am sick

 it's so cute! so big, so fluffy, so so so PANDA!

Panda: Bitch I'm fabulous! XD

After the Zoo we took a walk through the Parc, which is also really big.
There wer some shrines to see and the big lake with lotus all over it. 
It's breathtaking if the lotus is in full bloom, but unfortunately it wasn't.

 way to a shrine

the lake, lotus and a shrine

And that's it for today!
I know it was quite a short entry, but since we didn't see much I can't write much.
Tomorrow we will go to Shibuya again. It's concert time~
We will see ScreW, Kra, DuelJewel and many more! Oh I can't wait~ 
It's gonna be legendary!



  1. ahh vor ein paar tagen war ich auch da ♥ :)


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