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Day 3: Odaiba and Alice 9 concert~

Hello everyone~ 

Today I am going to make a short post about the 3rd Day in Tokyo. On that day the Alice nine concert took place at Zepp Diver City Tokyo in Odaiba. So Rukipe and I decided to spent the whole day in Odaiba, but now we think we shouldn't. xD"

As in Japan there are now Summer holidays there were looooots of people in Odaiba and Fuji Terebi has its annual parc open too so it was full. And I think you might know how I felt with my cold there x-x 

Alice Nine concert + Meet&greet

Well in the evening the concert took place and after that I would meet the band since I won the meet and greet. The concert was really nice, of course, but I couldn't enjoy it at all. I felt that horrible! I think that I had some kind of fever 'cause sometimes I couldn't stand straight and I had to leave the hall for some minutes. But I told myself keep going after the concert you will meet the band!
So uhm yes the meet and greet... It was a huge disappointment! We had to wait kinda long until the band showed up. We got our backstage pass and went to a dressing room where we had to wait for the band. And so we did. We were 10 foreign people and one of us was completely freaking out before the band arrived. She was really getting on my nervs as she was just talking a bunch of stupid stuff like: "I swear tora was drunk today!" and stuff like that. I hate that. Oh well. 

 the backstage pass

The band arrived and the members were like "OH! :DDD" when they saw us. So cute :3 Nao was of course the clown again xD And Hiroto looks perfect in real too! Not like Shou, Saga or Tora... *urghs* Then the band members could say something to us. They said stuff like "thanks for coming, please keep supporting us" and all that usual kind of stuff. After that we had to tell them where we come from, when I said Luxembourg they were like "Eeeeeh :O" and I saw in their eyes that they were thinking like "where was that again" and "ah that small country!" xD so cute! Last part, we could shake each members hand and say something to them individually. I told them that I was on their concert in Germany years ago, of what they were kind of surprised off, and told them they should give their best for the coming future too. Nao asked me if I speak fluently japanese and was surprised when I then told him that about the concert. Hiroto was so damn cute! When I said "Ganbatte kodasai" he was smiling at me like a cake and didn't let my hand go xD I felt a bit awkward and like an animal in a zoo. Since I was the only girl who actually looked like a girl too. The others were those typical Visus, except two, the one who was getting on my nervs and another one who was somehow weird but oh well. Then we left and that was it! No picture with the band, no autographs, nothing~ 

I was so damn disappointed. I only stayed for the meet&greet since I felt that horrible because of my cold and then this. I was really angry at the management somehow. After the concert we were sitting in front of the halll and all those indie bands came up to us to give us flyers etc. One guy from Resist  asked us where we were from and told us that he lived in Germany. His english wasn't the best but he tried really hard. I thought that it was really cute. Sometimes those bands won't come to you at all, since you're a foreigner and others will especially come to you because you are a foreigner. 

Oh well enough talk here are some pictures of day 3~

I really look sick here ._.

 me kicking the gundam in the nuts xD"

 more Gundam pictures (°_° )

My gets from the last two days~

 lots of stuff we got in Odaiba and some lashes we got on day 2

last but not least on of our Puris!

that's it! (^ w  ^)

Day 4 we spent at home taking care of our laundry and me trying to get better.
Today on day 5 we will leave home a little later then usually and will go to Ueno.

That's it for today!


  1. get well soon! <3 sick on that one picture but still looking gorgeous :3 honey~ u can write me on whats app :) <3


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