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Day 2: Gyaru Meet 2k12 in Shibuya

Hey guys~
Sorry that I don't post every day (> - <) When we get home we are always so tired and just want to take a shower and go to bed. The last two days were really exhausting and beside that I catched a cold. So I am sick in summer: yai. This pisses me off but anyway I try to enjoy our time here!

Today I will write about the gyaru meet 2k12 @ SBY 109 of which I posted before already. The event was organised by Rox and Charlotte and was even filmed by a TV crew. I am not going to tell you by which one~ 8D 

So here are the pictures~

first a group picture!
Unfortunately there are not all of the people on it who where at the meet. There were about 7 or even 9 people more on the meet, but they were only there for a short time or had too leave during the meet. As first stop we went to 109, of course 8D

Charlotte and Rox in 109

Laura and Laura :D you both are so nice! I really hope we can meet each other soon again.

Rukipe, me and Tracey~ she's so nice too :3
Here you can see my outfit too. Sorry I don't have a full outfit picture >_<

derp desu~ 8D

Rukipe couldn't wait to get a picture with the shop staff at Co&lu xD

So after we've been to 109, we went to take looooots of Purikura

way~ too many people in one machine xD"

Rukipe, me and Lis :3

 and one with Rox and Charlotte too :3

Well here are the pictures of the time we made a little break at a crêpe and bubble tea shop :3

Lau and me :3

Shiena and me :D Finally I met her! She's so nice and I hope we can see each other again.

Tha Rox and me :O you're lovely dear :3

Charlotte and Laura~


After our little break, we went to the new Gyaru café 10sion in Shibuya. It's a nice small place and the staff is really friendly and talkative xD" We weren't aloud to take pictures in there :x sorry guys!

At the end of the day (for Rukipe and me) we went to get dinner in a small restaurant. We were enjoying our time with everyone and we were derping around like idiots too xD Charlotte and Rox are I think the funniest people I've ever met. Eventhough they talked a lot in Dutch when derping around, I could understand them and that was kinda funny too xD The mix of languages spoken at the meet was amazing! There were French, German, American, Dutch and Luxembourgish people. So nice!

Here's the last picture I took that day with Charlotte :3 I can't wait to see her and Rox again!

After Rukipe and I left the meet, we went to take some more purikura together. Here are two of them! I could download them from the internet, that's why the quality is that good ;D

So that was my part about the meet :3 hope you enjoyed watching at the pictures. I am sure the other girls will post about the meet too! So make sure to check their blogs out too ;D 

Here's a list with those I know:


Please take a look at their blogs too! :3
As soon as I get the other's I'll post them here~



  1. Awh hope you feel better soon!! I hate colds!
    Everyone looks so awesome! Looks so amazing and fun *_*


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