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Day 14 + 15: met Katarina // Akihabara and Karaoke time~

Hello~ everyone 8D
So this will be my last post from Tokyo, since we will be leaving tomorrow morning. Today I'm gonna write about my day with my friend Katarina from Russia and another day with Nao.

Firstly day 14, when I met Katarina. I only knew her from facebook, she added me some while ago and we started to chat sometimes. She's so nice! We decided to meet when I am in Tokyo too, since she's staying here for about a year. On friday we decided to meet on sunday and go to Shibuya and Shinjuku together. And so we did! 

super skinny legs ftw~ 8D I'd love to have those in real but they are fake xD 
the purikura machine wanted me to look nice 8D 

We met at Hachiko and went taking purikura and to get something to drink while talking (^ - ^) It was really nice to talk to her, eventhough she had her difficulties with english. She can speak it very well but she wasn't used to it anymore so she had to think sometimes how the word was in english and not japanese xD She even talked to me in japanese when we didn't talk for some time, so funny! After we've been to a cook studio she subscribed at, we went to Shinjuku to go to Marui One. It was a nice day with her and I hope we can see each other again often when I'll be here for 6 months ( ^ w ^)

 I hate it when you have no more time and the machine stops while editing or chooses by itself some bg~ that's why there's written "best friends" xD"

last one of us~

My gets:
 Prisila curled Ponytails! Finally!

On day 15, like I said before, we met Nao again! So much fun~ 
We went to see Akihabara, since Ania didn't see it yet x) and afterwards we went to the Pokémon center and Shibuya to play Karaoke and to stalk people at Hachiko 8D It was so much fun! In Akihabara, as always, were lots of strange people, some maids and way~ too much AKB48 everywhere.

One moment full of happiness for me:
 ( * w * )
pretty Yamapi commercial~

 So after we've been to some shops, as I wanted to buy headphones, (didn't find any) we decided to go to the Pokémon Center. Rukipe was so damn happy about that xD so cute! It's really cute inside but the music... Actually it's exactly the same one like in the game when you're at Pokémon Center. So annoying after some time, but somehow cute too. What do they have inside? Well looooooots of Pokémon stuff such as plushies, straps, shirts, etc but mostly things for kids. Anyway Rukipe finally found to phone cases for her Samsung Galaxy S2. We searched everywhere for some but couldn't find any cute ones except here.

happy Rukipe xD

After we've been there we took the train to Shibuya to go and play Karaoke~ 8D 
It was so freaking funny! First I wanted to sing an Arashi song, but failed hardly haha xD I got way too confused when I saw all those Kanji on the TV (x___x) after a while we finally managed to find songs with lyrics we can read completely: english songs 8D Nao sang some Japanese ones too, and hell he has a good voice! Not like Rukipe and me 8D so much fail hahahaha~

I sang my favorite Paramore song "CrushCrushCrush" and later Rukipe and I decided to sing songs from Linkin Park (me as Mike Shinoda ftw 8D), Katy Perry and oh yes Tokio Hotel xD That was so much fun! Of course it was "Through the Monsoon" and no we DON'T like them but we thought it might be funny and it was! At some point we started to sing the refrain in German, since we knew it from TV etc in Luxembourg *rofl* Nao was like wtf but was laughing so hard. Later we also tried to sing BigBang's "Fantastic Baby" haha 8D tried is the right word, since we only know the refrain xD But oh well~ Last song was "Seishun Amigo" from Kame and Yamapi which I sang with Nao :3 At that point I got used to read hiragana and katakana above the kanji so it went quite well x)

We went to make some purikura again~
After Karaoke we went to sit at Hachiko to look at people and enjoy time together. We were talking about so many things, but then Nao had to leave. So sad! Since it was the last time I could see him this year ( . _ .) He didn't wanted to go Dx but after like 6 good-byes he went to get the train, otherwise he wouldn't be able to go home that night. Rukipe and I decided to stay longer at Hachiko, always funny, japanese guys looking at us like "should I talk to them or not..." xD

derp picture taken at Hachiko xD"

and Nao and me :)

And as last picture of today another puri!

So yes this is my last post from Tokyo! We will be leaving soon to go eat Okonomiyaki with Kuga-san and Anna and then bedtime~ Our luggage is ready (Rukipe's is a bit too heavy) and we got everything we wanted.

The next posts will be about:
- Yamapi concert at Yoyogi stadium
- shopping in Shibuya again
- Rukipe got extensions

So wait for it! ( ^ - ^)v
See you in Luxembourg!


  1. Nice post ♥
    In dieses Pokecenter muss ich unbeding tbeim nächsten mal auch D: is das in Akiba?

  2. Danke <3
    Uhm nein, es ist in Hamamatsuchõ :3 Das liegt auf der Yamanote Line bei Shimbashi ^-^


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