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Day 12 + 13: Ghibli museum // Harajuku, Meiji Jingu, Shibuya

Hey ho~
Sorry for the late post everyone, but I didn't had time to blog or either I was way too tired. 

So today I'm gonna write about out trip to the Ghibli museum, what will be kinda a short review. Unfortunately you are not allowed to take pictures inside the museum. I only took this one from the Bus to the museum, it was so cute! (^ - ^) 

 And this picture I took on the roof of the building:

I really liked the museum, it's so cute and nice looking. It isn't like a typical museum, you have like plays there, I can't describe them, but they really show you that it is about animation and ther are rooms with sketches from every Ghibli film all over the walls. Impressive! If you have the chance to be in Tokyo or around, please take the time and visit the museum. It's totally worth it. They travel is kinda expensive though. Eventhough the ticket only cost 1000¥ we spent like 1200¥ on trains and bus. 

Unfortunately Rukipe didn't feel well at all, so we got home after the museum. She took a rest and we didn't go to any other place that day. She really needed a day off.

So on the 13th day here we went to Harajuku again, since we didn't had much time the other day. We went to see the Meiji Jingu shrine and went to the Takeshita Dorii again and to Laforet. 
When we arrived, there was some kind of a music festival going on which was very impressive and nice to see. We didn't stay there to watch the performances because it was way too hot to stand in the sun, so we decided to enjoy the music only. 

one of the stages

 on the way to the shrine~

view on Takeshita Dorii from the station

Unfortunately there were some problems with Rukipe's credit card, so we went to Shibuya to fix it at a bank. After we fixed that we enjoyed looking at people from Hachiko~

 best friends~ 8D

When we left Shibuya I saw something wonderful 8D


Since it was the 25th we wanted to be home early to see Nino's Drama for 24 hour terebi :3
It was so sad like always Dx But at least there was like Arashi all the time on TV for two days! Me gusta XDD

And here are my gets of that day~
I finally found shoes in my size! ( * ^ *) I was so happy xD beside that I got some accessory and socks/stockings. Those are the type of things I didn't get that many yet xD"

My make-up and hair for that day:
I really like to wear those ponytails :3

Last but not least one Puri 8D

oh and here are another two from day 10!

me and rukipe~

Charlotte, Rox, Rukipe and me~


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! The Ghibli museum looks and sounds awesome! I'm definitely going to go! Hope Rukipe is feeling better.

  2. yes we had ^-^ the museum is so nice and cute, you have to go :D


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