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Day 10 + 11: Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku and Onsen in Odaiba

Here I am again!
I am updating quite a lot today, since Rukipe didn't feel that well after we went to the Ghibli museum and we came back home to get some rest. So I have some time now~

So like the title says on day 10 we were in Harajuku and Shinjuku. It was Rukipe's first time ever in Harajuku and she was really excited to go there ^-^ I personally don't like Harajuku that much. The takeshita dori is always so crowded and it was so hot that day x-x I felt dizzy and was pissed by the mass of people there xD" But anyway I tried to enjoy it for Rukipe and show her in only 2 hours the Takeshita Dori X_X hard work! Since we went to the Johnnys shop and found a Prisila shop I was kinda happy too xD

le me in front of Takeshita entrance~

And yes finally got the Glavil Babydoll in blue! (* _ *) I bought it the day before in Shinjuku~
The staff even took a picture of us and posted it on their ameba blog!
Here a screenshot and the link:

So after we've been to Harajuku, we went to Shinjuku to meet Rox and Charlotte!
I was so happy to see them again before they would leave tokyo. We should have gone to a karaoke bar with them during the night but Rukipe and I were way too tired so we didn't go. Well at least we could spend the afternoon and evening with them ^-^ We took purikura and went to some arcades too. It was so fun and nice to talk to them :3

 my current nails! got them at shinjuku alta :3 and my purchase from the johnnys store, album and about 30 photos inside muhaha~

here are my gets from that day:

lots of nails, prisila exentsions and half wig, 
cute Kuromi iPhone case and sexy Batman underwear 8D

 So on day 11 we've been first to Shibuya, as we wanted and needed to go to Tower Records. My friend Berna asked me to get a CD for her, so I kinda had to go x)

us waiting for the train~ 
I hate that brightness x.x I always look so stupid...

At the Tower Records we found both what we were searching for and were kinda shocked too.
You know, also the Japanese are in Kpop fever and that really sucks. In the train the whole commercials were from Infinite and everywhere else you can also see all those korean kpop bands. But not even those we like! I mean 2NE1, Girls Generation and Kara, but only boybands x___X
When we came to Tower Records there was a huge commercial for Super Junior's new single "sexy, free and single" *coughcough* I like them but that title... oh well. Then we walked to the stairs and koreans, AGAIN! I mean look at that:

I don't want to see korean band stuff when I am in Japan! I want to see Arashi, lots of Arashi how it used to be, NewS, VAMPS, Koda Kumi, Ayumi Hamasaki etc. Please~ ( ; ^ ;)

At least there was some Perfume commercial outside of the building:
 I love them~

After that we went to Sega to take puris and I am such an idiot! I forgot my Tower Records bag at the sink in the toilet at Sega, but I didn't notice it until we were in Harajuku. So we only went to Super Lovers in Laforet and run back to Sega in Shibuya. 
And yes I got it back. Thanks to the honest japanese people who gave it to the information counter! I love Japan, no seriously. In Europe your bag would have been stolen or so. I was so happy when I got it back, especially because of the CD for my friend. 


Here's an outfit shot of that day:

Top: random shop in luxembourg
Shorts: Bershka
Socks: Tutuanna
Shoes: Everlast
Bag: Liz Lisa
Jewellry: Glavil + Screw merch
Hair accessory: SBY

Oh and you see that yellow things at the left? That's my bag and I exactly forgot it right there!

At 7pm we met a japanese friend of me, Yucca-san. I know her through my friend Berna and she invited us to an Onsen. We were so excited! It was the Oedo Onsen Monogatari. It's quite big and crowded too, but it was a really nice experience. Unfortunately we couldn't take many pictures as we only took our phones along. It isn't only an Onsen but there are also restaurants and stand like on a fun fair. 

inside the feet bath~ felt so good (* _ *)

After that we went to the real Onsen, where you're actuallyy have to be all naked. Uh yai 8D We felt so weird at first because as european we aren't used to that and because the women looked at us because of our light skin. Oh well xD after a while we felt quite comfortable. That must have been because of the hot hot water ( * w *) If you have the possibility to go to an Onsen, please go! It's so nice and relaxing. We felt so good afterwards.

inside near the restaurants~

 After we've been to the Onsen until around 11pm, Yucca-san took us along to Tokyo Tower. She had her companies car so it was really comfortable xD She's so nice! She especially went to Tokyo tower for us and later took us home to the guesthouse too, and that was quite far. Thanks again!

Here are some pictures of Tokyo tower:

Ania took this one from the car :3

 taken by myself :3

I really love the Tokyo Tower because of its nice colours. Maybe we will go there again and will go to the observatory platform. We will see (^ - ^)

Here are my gets from day 11:

So that wer day 10 and 11 ( ^ - ^)
Today we went to the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka during lunch time and afterwards we got home again, since Rukipe wasn't feeling that well. So I took the time to update my blog, do some laundry etc. I will post about day 12 and 13 again together, since we weren't aloud to take pictures in the museum, there aren't many we can show you.


Oh and thank you so much for 70 followers!
Please keep reading my blog and I hope you like my posts!


  1. Sounds like to much fun!T^T I wish I could go back to Japan or Korea and also see so much things...but Luxembourg is not that bad here too...I mean we french fries?!.... okay I seriously need some country change .__:


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