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Cat got hit by a car

Hey my dear readers.
I possibly won't post anything this week. On Saturday morning my cat got hit by a car and was in life-danger until today. She has bad injuries on her head, like broken cranium, broken jawbone and her palate, roof of the mouth, is broken too. She already lost her left eye and now she is in a lot of pain and is struggling with life and death.
The car which hit her didn't stop. She way lying on the street until the police found her and brought her to a veterinary who has 24/24 shifts especially for urgent calls like this one. He checked her chip, yes my cat is chipped, and gave us a phone call at around 9am yesterday. The accident might happened in the early morning at around 7am, the time my cat usually gets home.

Anyway, the doctor said she's stable for now and even drinks and her reaction are quite normal. She is in a lot of pain and needs to go under some surgery in the coming days 'cause of the many broken bones. For now it seems that she will get better, but it takes time.

For some it may seem uncomprehensible that this affects my blogging, but my cat is my everything. She came to us 3 years ago and she's my little princess. Hope all of you understand that. Of course I will blog when I am in Tokyo in 6 days! Don't worry about that, it's only that this week I won't make any outfit posts or other posts like that.

See you latest in Tokyo! <3 br="br">

update 6th of August:
We visited my princess today. She's in a stable condition and her reactions are normal so far. She can't eat because of her broken jawbone so the doctor gives her an intubation. When we came to her and touched her she lift the head and tried to meow, the only sound which came out was a slow "mah" with stertorous breathing. We petted her all the time and spoke to her too and she finally relaxed and slowly purred. The doctor said tomorrow he will do neurologic checks and then he will decide when he will put her under surgery. He also said that normally if she keeps getting better, she can come home this week!
Thanks to all of you who are thinking about my little princess. You can't imagine how much that means to me. I will keep you updated about her condition if something changes.

update 8th of August:
She's better! The docter will check in a surgery tonight how bad the broken jawbone is and will tell us later or tomorrow what he will do. There's a chance that she can home this week, if the jawbone isn't too bad. My little princess purres like she always did, she looks at us and even can stand up normally. She's nearly all the time groggy because of the valium but still, she tries her best. My pirate-princess wants to live!
Yesterday we got the name and telephone number of the women, police, who found her. We phoned her and thanked her about a hundred times for picking her up and bring her to the doctor. She was so happy that we thanked her and hopes that minka will get better soon. We told her she can come and visit when Minka's home again and it seems that made her really happy. Faith in humanity restored! There are people who help a injured or an in live danger animal, but there are also those who just run over them and don't look back. The doctor said that Minka's injuries seem like her head got under the hoop of the car. Just imagine the pain my cat had in that moment... And how strong she is now and that she doesn't give up.

update 9th of August:
Surgery is done and my cat's fine! :D I am so happy right now. It's only a question of time when she will be home again. My little princess is so though!!


  1. OMG, das tut mir so Leid! Ich hoffe, dein Kätzchen wird bald wieder gesund!!! QQ Ich glaube, ich würde sterben, wenn mein Tora von einem Auto angefahren werden würde! Kann extrem nachvollziehen wie es dir grad geht! Keine Sorge, sie packt das schon und Katzen sind ja bekanntlich ziemlich zäh und stark und haben nicht umsonst 7 Leben! *knuddel"

  2. Ich glaub du verstehs wie's mir momentan geht. Bin total am Ende und hoffe einfach nur dass die Zähheit der Katzen auch dieses Mal ihre Wirkung zeigt und meine Maus wieder schnell gesund wird.

  3. Omg poor cat. Get well soon <3

  4. I understand, I couldn't do anything if my cat was harmed. I'm glad that she is at least somewhat okay. Get better soon little kitty! ~<3

  5. Aww, Sweetheart, how terrible..! I've had cats all my life so sadly most of them have been hit at one time or another and not all of them survived. :( My heart goes out to you and your little princess. Make sure you/your family visit her often while she's away from home..!

  6. Hope your cat get well soon........

    When you'll go to Japan?

  7. On Saturday the 11th.


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