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Yumetenbo wants~

Hey everyone~ 

Some days ago I went through Yumetenbo and I found so many things I want to buy Dx I can't make an order as I have to save my money for Tokyo, but I hope I can find similar stuff soon! Here's everything~

 some nice accessoires~
 the blue one <3

 Tops~ as I don't have enough gal tops Dx

 this dress is love! <3

 more dresses~ love the green ones
still those boots <3

idk why but mint green and pink are my favorite colours atm <3

that's it~


  1. Oh Gosh. That's all too cute for my eyes to see♥ I think I would of purchased everything in a pulse lol @_@ Especially the bags & the coat♥ *o*

  2. I know how you feel ;^; I so want those things but I have to be strong and wait Dx

  3. That trenchcoat is a must-get ! ^^ cute picks ! new follower here!

  4. thank you for following my little blog! ^0^ I'm going to check your blog too :3

  5. omg!
    the dresses are so cute!! I'm in love with them OA O normally I'm not the girly girl but they are cute and pretty!~ <3 and the boots...OMG I want them in brown/gray or black..god they look so godd! I need money~! (>___<;)


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