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this weeks outfits~

Hello~ everyone (^ _ ^)v
Today I just want to quickly show you some of my outfits of this week. It was a nice hot week in Luxembourg and I could wear my summer clothes~ But to be serious, I didn't spend much time outside so I was most of the time at home in comfortable clothing 8D"

Anyway here are 3 outfits!


1st one~ it wasn't that hot outside yet

Top: bought in Camden, London
Shorts: bought in Barcelona
Stockings: Vivienne Westwood
Shoes: Bodyline
Bag: Angelic Pretty

2nd one~

Shirt: Banned
Top: Jennyfer
Shorts: Topshop
Shoes:  Miss Sixty
Bag: Topshop

3rd one~

Bolero:  Jennyfer
Dress: Fishbone
Leggings: Jennyfer 
Shoes: Miss Sixty

I own this dress now for about 3 years and I still love it. It's perfect for summer! This was an outfit for the evening as we celebrated my parents' birthday's in a restaurant but usually I wear the dress like this in summer: 

picture was taken in Barcelona~

and that's it for today!


  1. uhaa :0 btw as deng kuerz box bei pic 1 op da seit...liicht op? ;D rawwww~!
    the dress is really pretty! I like the colour (*3*)!
    and your tops are so cool and lovely! I like your outfit posts!
    love ya <3

  2. haha nee xD box huet su eng rosa verwäschen streiff :3
    thx for the comment <3

  3. fuentevictorique.b7/29/2012 12:02 am

    your outfits look really good... you have a good sense of combination T.T sadly it's not summer here so i will have to wait.

  4. thank you dear! <3


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