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Hey guys~ v(^-^ )
Yes I am still alive ;D I didn't post in a while, because I didn't have anything to post so far~ 
Today I want to show you one of my outfits I really like, but I unfortunatly I can't wear it to go out. Here in Luxembourg it's still really cold sometimes and it often rains (>-<) 
I've also tried the famous Neko-mimi hairstyle, many of you may have already seen. When I watched Kawaii International they explained how to make it and so I tried to make it myself (^-^)

Here are some pictures of my outfit:

Dress: Deary
Bolero: Jennyfer
Jewellery: Tally Weijl bracelets + flower ring I got from Sui-chan
Shoes: Yumetenbo
Socks: bought in Barcelona at Cortez Inglés

(sorry for the bad quality pic!)
And here is a make-up shot from today. I started to wear a bit less make-up for that kind of outfit. (Usually I wore lots of black eyeliner) I still use Dolly Wink eyelashes no.1 and no.8, they are my favorite. I also tried Diamond Lash as lower lashes and I don't like how hard they are. I prefer more smooth eyelashes.

Unfortunately you can't really see the neko mimi hairstyle in this picture. (It was already night outside when I took the pics and my room isn't that bright.) There were some difficulties I had. My hair is appearently really long and it's gradually cut, so the normal technique to roll the "ears" and fix them with a pin is so hard to do. I've tried to take hair that had the same length. From the front it looks good but from the back it was a mess xD" I still have to work on this style!

 As it's now July, there are a lot of things coming up!
Firstly there would be the 5th where I get my exam results. *so damn nervous* and then~ the Japan Expo in Paris! Whoopwhoop~ :D I can't wait~ x3
I will be there on Saturday and Sunday with my dear Rukipe <3
We had an awesome idea~ We didn't want to go as gyaru, lolita or more casual so we thought about doing a "cosplay". And we decided for~ *drums* JK gyaru! (^-^)
We ordered the uniforms and tried them on two weeks ago. They are perfecto~

Here are some pictures:
crappy iPhone front camera 

both of us~

and finally a full view of our uniform :D

Blouse: SanRemoa
Jacket: Teens Ever
Bow+Skirt: Bodyline
Loose Socks: bought at Harajuku store
Shoes: Bodyline

After the Japan Expo there will only be our trip to Tokyo left!
Both of us can't wait~ x3 we so want summer and of course shopping, 
concerts oh and shopping too ;D I will update my blog during our trip :3

Last but not least, Korilakkuma face ftw!



  1. Jojo evilchocobunny7/02/2012 10:27 am

    both outfits are so cute *o*

  2. The uniform look so pretty on you!
    First time at your blog, i'm following you right now n.n


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