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Japan Expo 2012 part1 (picture heavy!)

Hey guys~ v(^- ^) 
So today it's time for my post about this year's Japan Expo in Paris!
As I mentioned before, both of us wore JK outfits and the people seemed to like it a lot. We were asked for a lot of pictures, even from Japanese people, but unfortunately I didn't find many of them on the web ._.

picture taken by a nice japanese man who gave us a print of the photo! 

It was a really nice weekend~ We met the awesome Emilia also known as Pastelbat and had lots of fun at the Anli Pollicino concert. Of course we also went to Kyary's concert, which was way too short and I was a bit disappointed but her cuteness is overwhelming. On sunday we went to the Fashion Show, my first time ever at the Expo haha. But I wont bore you more with text, here are our pictures (^-^)

 Emilia, Amanda and Emi really nice girls! And myself with Emilia <3

 Yuka&Vani from 6%DokiDoki, they are so cute! At the same booth was the Kyary merch~

 Me with my friend Nadine from Germany ^-^

Here are some pictures people took of us during the Expo!
v(^ o ^)v

The two girls on the right were doing some publicity for a new app for Android and Apple. They were so cute! After we took a picture with them with our camera, they wanted to take some with theirs too. So nice girls and so cute too! Check their app out, it's called ;Dcloud. You can find it in GooglePlay and the AppStore. They have some different apps with lots of cute emoticons~

Our Purikuras~

 kawaii desu ne~ (* w*) haha xD
 our Kyary pose people loved! xD

So that was my post about this year's expo (^- ^)
I will make another one with all the stuff I got~ 
And maybe another one with pictures of a friend of us, when I finally get them! Dx
*kicks her*

See you soon~ 


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