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Animagic 2012

Hello~ everone! (^ o ^)v
Today I want to share my first time at the Animagic with you :3 
It is a german convention held at Bonn and is a place where lots of good Cosplayers gather round in a nice atmosphere. I say that 'cause there's not very much to see otherwise then that xD" The Animagic itself is really boring, sometimes there are concerts of Japanese bands and there is always a Lolita fashion show too, but that's it. You can't compare it to the Japan Expo at all and that's why I prefer the Expo in Paris way more. 

However it was a nice day (^- ^) We only went there on Sunday, where we met some friends and I finally could see the Animagic with my very own eyes. Since I started to read Mangas, I always wanted to go. But I think that this year was the first and the last one for me. It costs us a lot of money to go there, beside the very expensive tickets (compared to other conventions) it's too expensive for what it actually is.

Here are our pictures! (^_ ^)

our cute Alice-chan and Mirri with Nick :3

Derp me xD" and the best shot of the day!
 I met Nadine again :3 and our friend Soraya

Soraya and Mirri <3
Mirri cosplayed Lollipop Chainsaw but in her own version "Chocolate Chainsaw"
If you know what she means ;D

And here's my outfit:


Dress: Deary
Waistcoat: Liz Lisa
Bolero: Baby the Stars Shine Bright (if it was cold)
Shorts: Liz Lisa
Socks: C&A
Shoes: MiuMiu
Bag: Vivienne Westwood
Jewellry: Tally Weijl+Sui's ring

Sorry for the crappy mirror pic Dx
All the pictures I or my friends took of me weren't that good or were actually too blurry >_<


My gets~

And~ that's all I got xD  I know it's really not much, but there was nothing else that I could afford. I think that the prices are way too huge! They had some cute plushies too but hell no what prices Dx So I just got the recent issues of Kohakuma Ageha with the cute Liz Lisa make-up purse and Popteen.

Oh and last but not least our group picture~

And that's it for today! v(^_ ^)

Only 10 days left to enter my giveaway~
And only 11 days left until I'll be in Tokyo (* w*)
See you soon~ 



  1. fuentevictorique.b7/31/2012 12:42 am

    Hope you had fun i heard there are alot of cool things

  2. yes we had fun ^-^ but there aren't much interesting things to see 8D"

  3. Awwh, vo fang ich an?? Ich wollte schon immer an die Animagic...aber ich stand mittlerweile nicht mehr so auf Animes (ausser auf Smile PreCure und Sailormoon, hihi!) x'D Genau wie die Schweizer JAN! Hat mir nicht so gefallen! D:

    Du schaust so süss aus und deine Schuhe!!! *___* Awhh, NEID!

  4. Also ich find die Animagic ist die Reisekosten nicht wert ._. Die Cosplayer sind zwar genial dort aber mehr auch nicht D:

    Oh vielen Dank :3


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