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Quick update!

Hey guys!
I am really sorry for not blogging after Paris but I am not in the mood to do so. At the moment I am not sure about continuing my blog like I did the last 3 years. There's a big possibility that I will delete nearly everything in it and will use it only for my Tokyo trip this summer and later for the 6 month I will spent there. 

In the last weeks I was really busy. Schools over for me but I had a lot of stuff planned until now. There was my short trip to Paris about which I blogged, my trip to Barcelona with my class and this weekend was the ScReW concert in Cologne with meet&greet. Idk if I will blog about Barcelona... It apperently doesn't fit in here. I posted photos on my facebook page and I still feel weird looking at all those photos. There were some things happening during that week, which were not that funny and I am really happy that it's over. The city was damn beautiful and I could meet my dear friend Anna, whom I met the last time in Tokyo in 2009. It was an awesome day with her! 

As mentioned, this weekend was the ScReW concert in Cologne to which I went with my dear Rukipe. We spent the weekend in Cologne so that we wouldn't stress ourselves too much. I took my car for the first time to a concert in Germany and it was the best idea I've had so far. There was a meet&greet held for the Global Fanclub members from PSC in which we are subscribed. It was awesome! Meeting the guys was fun and the concert was gorgeous, they are a damn good live band. Here's a little photo from the meet&greet:
Happy me with the boys~ :Dv I am smiling like an idiot but I was so happy during that short moment

Other information:
I will be at this year's Japan Expo in Paris!
I won the meet&greet with Alice Nine in Tokyo! *hyperventillating*

well yes that's all for now... idk when I will blog again...


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