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Hey guys! Here I am with something I was a bit surprised by. My friend Rukipe found a post about me in gyaru-secrets and I was kinda shocked. She directly said that it is a nice one but I was like "who the hell posts about me?!" so yes... It was posted in april, so I didn't see it 'cause I was occupied with my exams at that time. I usually check G_S once a month but that post, I didn't see.

Here's the secret:
Well firstly thanks to the one who posted this! <3 
I really appreciate it and I am happy that (at least one reader, apart from my good friends) likes my blog and my style. On the other hand, I have to say for the comment in brackets: I do post good quality pictures! My portraits like the one on the left happen kind of spontanious and are quickly done. And those are only taken with my iPhone4. And my outfit shots are often done quickly too, before I leave home, also with my iPhone4. I tried making some with my camera but as I don't have anybody at home who can make a picture of me and I have to use my mirror, you can't expect that the outfit pictures will be of a good quality. I really would like to post better ones but my mirror is in a room where the window is reflected in the mirror and that makes all of my pictures look darker then they should be. No possibility of changing that, sorry. But I will try to make some better one with my camera with the timer function, maybe with that I can find a way of posting better outfit shots of me.

So I am off again, bye~


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