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Paris // shopping~

Hey guys!

As some of you may know, I was in Paris for 3 days last week. I went there for LM.C's concert and to recover a bit from the stress of the last month due to my final exams. It felt so good!
 I wont post much about Paris itself, means tourist photos etc. I am visiting Paris since 9 or 10 years with my Daddy, always for 2-3 days to recover and often more then once a year. Paris is no longer a tourist vacation for me, it's more recovering, meeting friends, shopping and love the city how it is with its buildings and atmosphere. 

My friend Maud came from Brussel for the concert and we spent the day together, talking, shopping and making prurikuras. Yes puris! I finally know where the puri-machines are in Paris. Haha yes I know I am slow. It felt really good seeing her again after two years and to enjoy the day with her.

As you see, I wore my classic lolita outfit for that day. Didnt wear Lolita in month.
Before we went to the concert we went to Baby the Stars Shine Bright and to a Manga Cafe to make Puris. And here they are!

The concert was okay. I think LM.C's music turns out to be not what I like anymore. They didn't changed but my taste changed. But still it was a good concert and the people there enjoyed it a lot. Before the concert a lot of weird things happened. We got asked for an interview 3 days later for Canal+ where we obviously couldn't attend as we were leaving shortly, people were looking at me like if I was an alien (I was the only classic lolita, there were only 2 goth lolis) and there was an event photographer. Well that was weird... He made pictures of the "best outfits of the night" erm yeah well he asked me to pose for him (he had a little photo studio built up) what I did. Apperently there was a TV channel filming me in that moment... so scary! I felt like a celebrity followed by haters and papparazzis Dx no kidding... Later we saw that he took photos of well nicely said not good outfits *sigh* Oh french people why you don't look more for what suits you? But yes so we were waiting for the concert to start when one of the japanese staff members came to us and asked for photos of us and with us. He was so nice and we laughed with him as we made dorky faces together.  

So the days after that I walked through Paris with my Daddy. We went seeing Sacré Coeur, Montmartre, Galerie Lafayette and the cartier around Notre Dame. In the night that cartier is really nice. There are lots of restaurants open and it's quite charming around the Seine. In Montmartre we went to a exhibition of Dalì's signed work for his friend Sabater. His work is so special and to see it in real was kinda mindblowing for me. 
On the third day my Daddy left kinda early in the morning and it was my big shopping day. I went to Boddywood, Indien, Black Sugar, Manga Toys and many more in that one awesome street Rue Traversière not far away from Baby. In the afternoon I went to the cartier around Notre Dame again. There is my favorite Japanese restaurant and shops like Album, Harajuku and some Manga stores. Well I won't talk too much about that day, I'll let pictures speak for me. 
 T-shirt and Jacket from Banned, Iron Fist pumps, Creepers (with heel), 2 pairs of stockings, Necklace with Roses and rivets, 2 M.A.C. lipsticks and a Angelic Pretty bag.

and last but not least my perfect Gyaru shoes:

That was my part about Paris ( ^ - ^)


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