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Aya1gou nail review

Hey guys! Here I am again, my exams are finished and I have time to blog. 
 Today I'm gonna write a review about the nails I lately got from Aya1gou's shop at etsy. I saw her nails on tumblr where she was holding a giveaway. I didn't won but I thought that her creations are really cute and so I got myself some. I mentioned them in an earlier post here
So now on to the review~ 

Firstly about the service and shipping. I ordered them on the 14th of April and after the seller contacted me to know my nail size, they got shipped on the 24th of April. It took them about a week to get here. I have to say that I am so satisfied with the personal contact with the seller herself. For that I give a 10/10.
Then the package and the nails. The nails came in a super cute package.
The nails came in two boxes, as I ordered two sets, and were protected really good. As you see she sent 6 nails for one hand, which is really good when one nail would not fit perfectly.
The extras who came along with the nails were two sets of nail glue parts, two cute stickers and a thank you letter from the seller and creator of the nails.
So on monday I was finally able to wear and test one pair of the nails. I wore the left pair on the picture because they perfectly matched my lolita outfit I wore that day.

Actually, I fell in love with this design. I never used those glue things before as I didn't know that they existed. They are good if you want to wear the nails only for a day or some hours but if you want to wear them all day I recommend to buy some normal nail glue so that they stay on your nails. I had the problem, that the nails fell off some times and I actually lost one nail during the day, good for me that it fell in my purse. The size of the nails fitted perfectly to my nails and the length was what I imagined myself they would be. They are quite long but you can still do the usual stuff when you are used to them. With usual stuff I mean typing on your phone, put make-up on etc. The only part that is disturbing me is the fact with the glue. Normally you get "real" glue with the nails when you order them and this makes sure that they stay on your nails. But still the glue parts were better then nothing and a good option too. So for the nails themself I give a 9/10

So overall the shop gets from me a 10/10. I can only recommand buying from her and she also has a shop near Tokyo in Japan where you can get your nails done. She speaks perfectly english and is really nice, even on a personal basis. Please take a look at her stuff in her shop. She does not only sell nails but also things like dekoden and handmade jewellery. Here's the link to her shop again:



  1. Hi~!

    Thank you so so much for writing the review, this is really great article!
    I am so glad you liked my creations and wrapping!

    About the nail glue, I wish I could send those instant glue, but due to the international shipping rule, I no longer can't, they found it out with X-ray check @@


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