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Little Hedgehog~

Hey! Last week my dad found a little hedgehog on the street. It was nearly ran over by cars (>_<) but my dad was there to rescue the little boy! He brought him with him home as he noticed that the hedgehog was sneezing and coughing. 
(on the first day)

Beside, he was really cold. 
So we decided to put him in a box in a warm room and go to the veterinary the next day. It was on saturday morning when the doctor told us that the little boy might have a cold D: She told us to take core of him for one week, as the weather is really shitty here in Luxembourg at the moment. It rains all the time and it is really cold, april weather. 

So the last days he got step by step better and tries to escape his cage sometimes too. That's so cute! 
Yesterday he was kinda funny. He let us pet him and touch him. He even cleaned himself in my mom's hand! That's unbelievable I know. I had to take photos of him while eating and also took a video of him when my mom had him in her hand. 
(yesterday while he was eating)
Today we went again to the veterinary as he didn't stop caughing. She told us that he has some lung-worms, a "normal" illness for hedgehogs but they can be deadly. We decided to give him medecine against them and are now waiting for him to stop caughing and sneezing, so that we can let him go out in the nature again.
(today, he always tries to escape)

My friend Rukipe decided that I should give the little boy the name Sonic. Yes really "different" I know xD but now he's sonic when I talk with her about him ^-^ 


  1. wow, sooo lieb von euch! <3 Der Kleine sieht ja mal echt goldig aus!! Kann man die als Haustiere halten? xD

  2. Hm ich glaub schon, aber der kleine will raus ._. er beisst andauernd am käfig rum. Es wär wohl falsch ihn dann drinnen zu behalten, ist ja ein wildes Tier.

  3. ah! the hedgehog is really cute! are you going to release it back into the wild?

  4. yes we wanted to do it this week, but he's now sleeping all the time. so maybe next week :)


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