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Hey guys!
A quick post before I will go back to my studies.

Lately I have been shopping a lot on the internet, as there were a lot of things I want and didn't get the chance to order them. So now I did and I am waiting for them~ :D 

So firstly my new purple macbook case:
 searching for one since month, and finally found one on ebay.
I can only recommend this case! It is kinda heavy but it fits perfectly to my macbook and the colour is a pastel purple. If you are searching for a case, take a look at the shop! ;D

Next is this MA*RS bag I want since last year:
wanted to buy it from but as they are currently away due to personal business,
I had to find another shop. So I ordered it at
Maybe some of you know this shop? I never boght anything there, so I thought I should give it a try. I really wanted the white bag but they only had the beige one left. So I got that one. I am still waiting for it and I hope it looks as good as on the pictures!

New Nails:
I  found the shop through a giveaway on tumblr. I didn't won the giveaway but as I really liked the designs, I thought I should buy two pairs to see how they are.
Still waiting for them, but they are made to my size of nails!

And today I saw this cute pink dress at gyaru_com_sales:
 I can't wait to get it! It looks so cute and somehow Liz Lisa like no?

I also ordered 3 Arashi CD's from ebay ^-^ some really rare once which weren't expensive at all! Hope they arrive soon too!

There is still one thing I really want...
Pink high boots from Yumetenbo
But I don't know yet if I should really buy them and if yes, which height of heel. They have 8cm and 11cm but I can't decide! >_<

So I am off again!
My exams start in one and half a week~ X____x
baibaii~ <3


  1. こんにちは~

    Thank you so much for posting my nails and link to my shop!
    I am glad you received them in safely.
    I really like your blog! ^^


  2. thanks for your comment! ^-^
    yes they arrived safely and I love them!


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