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Ameba blog updates // day with Rukipe

So~ today I thought about changing a bit my ameba blog (^ - ^ )
Here is a quick screenshot of the new layout I use:
I love it~ <3 It's so spring-like (^ O ^ )
I also changed my profile picture as you see 
and made a new blog entry in my crappy japanese 8D" 

If you want to add me on ameba here's my link:

So~ how was my week?
I had a wonderfull day this week with my dear Rukipe <3
We had to do a project for my school together,
I chose to give her some make-up, clothes and hair advices 8D"
I know I am not that good to help somebody, but I needed those hours!
So here are some picture of the day:
 full view of my outfit and a portrait with my new korilakkuma chocolate case~

 after I turned Rukipe into a lolita 8D"

 eskimamegoma~ (°___° )

 and last but not least our favorite picture :D

It felt so good being with her again a whole day!
Thanks for everything honey~ 

The rest of my week was kinda shitty as I have to study all day for my exams. Worst thing is, that I feel nearly every second day really bad. Seems like my body doesn't want me to study that much Dx Mah~ but I have to as my exams start on the 3rd of May (._. ) Oh well, it's nearly finished so I'll just push all my strength together and work as much as I can! (>_< )

see you soon! <3


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