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shoppingholics order and Rilakkuma seat cushions

Hey! Just a quick update~
I got some of my orders last week. But oh god the post office takes waaaaay too long to sent the package to luxembourg! I've waited for orders which normally reach me in 4-6 days about two weeks. That so pisses me of as I am still waiting for my huge LizLisa order and it seems that the package is stuck at the customs. But why don't they sent me a letter or phone me?! GRAH! 

Well here are two of my orders. First one was more make-up and new circle lenses from
 As you can see I've order a lot of Candy Doll cosmetics such as lipgloss and concealer. The circle lenses I've ordered are grey ones from the Bambi series.
Here's the picture of Tsubasa wearing them:
can't wait to wear them as they are not as big as my green ones.

The other order which arrived this morning are these lovely car seat cushions:
Aren't they way too cute?! x3 I've got them from ~ Hunny Co. Cream Deco* ~ on facebook. So lucky as they've only cost me 48€ with shipping! Now they hand in my car on the back seats. I am sure this will so creep the shit out of people xD" My car's filled with cute plushies etc x-x

But I am happy with it :DD

Oh and I've finally registered at the Global PS Company Fanclub! *__*
Waiting for my member card~


  1. ohhh dei lensen deppescher sin sou iwer süss wou hues dei bestallt?

  2. dei kruut ech matt menger commande gratis dobei well ech lensen bestallt haat. link vum shop steht am post.


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