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Screenprint workshop

Hey guys! 
I am taking a short break between writing on an essay and today's screenprin workshop, so I wanted to blog again. We have carnival holidays at the moment and I see lots of blog posts about carnival and parties etc, but you want to see how I spent the last 2 days? 

In an atelier in Trier, Germany, with my art class doing prints the whole long day. 
Screenprint is a printing technique which was also used ba Andy Warhol and Lichtenstein, because of them it actually became famous. Here are some pictures I took today. Obviously I am not on any of them because I couldn't take pictures of myself while printing.

Sarah after she printed something. 

And here are some of our prints:
Nika's selfportrait and Alessia's lobster. They printed those several times.

And here are some of my prints:
As you can see I used a photograph and some japanese texts (all taken from an old Kera issue).
Actually I really like the colours, but they don't come out that good with my little crappy camera. I didn't had my good one with me today so well, this should be enough for now ;)
I have some other prints, as the first version of the upper one and I also printed on white fabric of which I will make a shopping bag. I really like all my works and I am so happy that I could finish them in onlytwo days. 

So this how I spent this weekend. Doing prints all the time. I really like those artistic breaks between all the studying and writing on some important essais. It gives me the opportunity to relax a bit. 

The last week of March, before the easter break, our class will have a vernissage and an exhibition. And until then I still need to finish about 4-5 pieces of work. *sigh* On two I am currently working and another one will be made quickly on a weekend. So one left...maybe I will make a huge installation if I have time and the place for doing it! 

Hope you don't hate me for not blogging often lately ._.
But I gained 2 more followers in 2 days! :D so happy~ haha x3 


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