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New gets//News about Japan 2013

Hey guys~ 
Uh yeah I know I post so much these last days. In fact I don't even have the time to! But as I need to take some little breaks between drawing, studying etc I want to blog a bit, again. 

So today I went to buy some more things I need for school, more clearly for the coming exhibition of our art class, and I needed some things from Ikea too. Well I won't show you what I bought as frames for my paintings ;) but the other things I got!
 Firstly when I went to the supermarket, I found this super cute pink passport holder <3
I had to buy it, it's pink!

Then we went to Ikea, because we couldn't find every frame size I needed.
Beside the frames I bought this mirror I wanted since years and a little table for my sewing machine.
Which is obvisiouly not on this picture ;)

The last thing I've got was this cushion to put the laptop on when you sit on your bed or couch.
I really need this, because sometimes I spent hours sitting on my bed, tumblring, chatting and watching some movies on my TV.

Beside my shopping update I have good news!
Well maybe not for you but for me :D I contacted the Japanese Embassy here in Luxembourg because of my idea to study Japanese for 6 month in Tokyo starting in January 2013. The guy on the phone was really nice and so helpfull! He listened to everything I had to say and then asked some more questions about my idea. He told me that I should write an e-mail to them with all my informations, why I am so interested in Japanese and my idea of studying Japanese in Tokyo. And~ the good part comes now~ he even said that there might be the possibility that I will get a scholarship! This would be so damn good for me! I really hope that I can get it ._. I wrote the mail and I will wait now for their reply. Wish me luck!


  1. the mirror is so beautiful!!!
    and i hope you´ll get the scholarship so that you can study in Tokyo!!!

  2. Thank you! I hope so too! >___<


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