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International Baccalaureate Programme

So as I am sure that lots of people think that I am over-reacting because of my final exams/final year, I wanted to show you my official timetable from January until May. Here it is:

2nd - Extended Essay Final Version 
5th -  Théorie de la connaisance essay plan
13th - English interactive oral 1, Visual Arts Mock Exam
19th - English interactive oral 2
24th - TdC essay 1st version
until 31st - German Worldliterature essay 2 final version

6th - English individual Oral
13th until 17th - MOCK EXAMS
18th until 20th - project Sérigraphie for Art
20th until 26th Carneval holiday
28th - TdC essay final version

14th - sending out "Blue Book"
15th - sending Extended Essay, TdC essay, Worldliterature essays 1+2
19th - Research Workbook + Studio Works need to be ready/finished
26th until 29th - Visual Art Exhibition + EXAM

2nd until 15th - Easter Holiday
16th - CAS final version

2nd - official start of final exams
3rd - Math exam 1st one
4th - Math exam 2nd one
7th - German exam 1st one
8th - German exam 2nd one
9th - English exams 1st + 2nd
11th - History exam 1st + 2nd
17th - Biology exam 1st + 2nd
18th - Biology exam 3rd


This list does not include normal tests, Biology reports or normal homework.
Maybe now everybody understands why I am so busy with school.
Remember, we are in mid January...


  1. Iwwerreageieren?!
    Ehm hallo? Kuck weivills du zedin hues? Oo
    Wien bitte behaapt du geings einfach iwwerreageieren?


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