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Long blogger-break

Hi my dear fellas <3
I am really sorry for not posting in such a long time, but my life's currently to say?... well it only exists of school and homework at the moment. As you may know, I am in my final year and lots of exams and other important deadlines were posted in the last weeks or in the following weeks. So as it seems I wont be able to blog often in the next month. Possibly at the end of May I will have lots of time again, because then all the stress will be over with my last exam on the 18th of May. I really wish that you understand why I do not blog often. 
But I have good news too! I was in Paris this weekend, so I'll possibly post about it in a really short entry. I couldn't take lots of pictures as it was raining a lot and I had a full packed schedule for only 2 days. I will post more about it, with some outfit pictures and some shopping updates soon. Here is a pic of me as a little taste beforehand ;)

Again, I am sorry for not blogging much lately. After May you will be overwhelmed with me blogging, because my real life starts in summer. I am possibly going to New York with my boyfriend and of course I am going to visit Tokyo again with my dear friend Ania. Can't wait for it! If everything goes right, I mean in school, then I'll be off to Tokyo for around 6 months in November or December next year. I really want to give you loooooots of news from Tokyo at that time, that you will forget my blogger breaks I had during all the last months ;)

Gonna continue working on my extended essay now!
baibaii~ <3


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