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Totally into K-Pop

Hey guys! Here I am again with kinda a random entry ;)
Since some days now I am always looking k-pop MV's and so my long hidden love for the music came out again <3 haha~ that sounds strange right? Apperantly it is like I wrote. Years ago I was totally into k-pop, that means I loved bands like Super Junior, BigBang, DBSK, etc. Over the years I always had some korean bands I listened to like SHINee or MBLAQ but now I fell in love with the female bands. Yes I did!
 I was really shocked when I watched some videos and I realized that I like the songs. Maybe it also has something to do with the dances? I don't know, but I love them. So I got lots of music from Girls Generation, T-ara and some from 2NE1 and Hyuna (4Minute).
While watching their MV's, I noticed that apperantly korean women are kinda small but always look so~ skinny and tall right? Well there are a lot of female singers who are super skinny but while watching Hyuna's Bubble Pop MV I thought that she might be kinda small. I found out that she's 162,8cm tall, kinda like me I am only 160,9cm tall. Then I thought I should try something out. As I do not have that super glamour like kind of clothes she wear in her MV's, I thought the easiest is to try with hot pants + tank top + high heels. As she's wearing exactly that outfit in her Bubble Pop MV. 

Here's a screencap from Hyuna's Bubble Pop MV of a scene where she wears that outfit:
And here's a (bad quality) picture of me in such an outfit:
So~ what can we learn? No, I am not super skinny and tall! ;) 
The outfit can "turn" your body shape into a stars' one.

So now for the girls who think they are too small or too fat:
I always thought that I have too much on my waist and that my legs look too short and are not pretty-shaped. With this outfit I was, first of all, shocked! That it is possible for me to actually look like Hyuna does. You have to try this out too! Every girl who's "too small" has to! 
Because we, girls, are beautiful too even if we are not 170cm tall ;)



  1. bei mir geing et awer scheiss ausgesin o_o
    Du bas nämlech net deck nach fett. ech sen net denn=looks horrible
    Du bas zwa kleng mä awer hübsch gebaut vun do hier :/

  2. ech duercht och ett geng bei mir scheiss ausgesin weent mengem breeden becken. an do ass d'resultat..
    du bass och nett deck an fett, mee halt kurveg ;) an daat ass besser wi rabbeleg ;D gleef ma vill typen soen daat ^^ an ei ech hun praktesch null broscht an du: BÄM! ;DDDD

  3. nja, wess net :/ vleit testen ech et igendwann..~
    bäm?! xD yeah~ dat stemmt zwa. mä eng BÄM broscht alleng brengt och neit xD

  4. mee daat ass awer alt schon eppes ;D

  5. bubble pop~ hun et haut nach gelauschtert am auto :D


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