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Some little things

Hey guys!
I finally recovered from the break-up and from the flue I had last week. Yai~ :Dv haha so now I'll show you just quick some things from the last days/today. 
Some days ago I tried something out with two of my nail polishes. I was wondering how it would turn out to use one of my favorite ones with an older one who's mostly just glitter.So I tried it out and I really liked the result, but unfortunatly it lasted only one day. The day after it got off after the shower. But I'll definitly use this again! So here's a picture of the result:

And the other thing would be the awesome new the GazettE album. I downloaded it last week because I couldn't wait for my copy, but today it finally got here. I was really impressed by the tracklist and couldn't wait to see my external bonus and the limited edition of the album, because I read about something "different" then usual albums. And today when I opened the huuuuge package I felt like christmas! The album plus poster as external bonus <3 I think the packaging of TOXIC is my favorite the GazettE packaging until now.

So here you can see the poster and the CD. I put a normal sized CD on the upper left to show you even better the size of the album and poster. Isn't this awesome? :D <3


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