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Hey ho guys! :D
Here I am again, back from London (since some days now) with empty wallet and filled heart xD hahaha~ So I promised that I would post about London this time and I will do that now ;D 

This post will be a picture post and about what we did there, I'll do another one with the stuff I bought in London. And that's a lot! X_x I think when my credit card will be booked off I will have no more money! Dx But I am happy because I got some stuff I wanted for such a long time ._. but that's not what I wanted to talk about now ;D

As I mentioned before the first three days I was there with my art class and we had a full packed schedule x_x that was horrible! We left Luxembourg at around 8am and got to reach London at about 1pm. The worst thing: we had to go to a museum at 2.30pm! That meant getting to our hostel + checking in + having lunch + getting to the museum in only one and a half hour, and I can tell that was not the only stressfull day. 
Here's a group picture. 
As you can see there was only one guy with 5 girls, well it was funny ;D

But I wont talk much about what we did those three days, we went to 4 museums: Tate Modern (until 10pm!), National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery and Tate Britain. It was way too much museum stuff for only 3 days. I really do love visiting museums, seeing all those awesome paintings but please never ever do that to me again Mrs. G (our teacher) ! (; O ; ) Well still we had lots of fun between all those paintings, but unfortunatly we didn't see much of London except the Tower Bridge, Big Ben and some other typical tourist spots. 
posing in front of the Tate Britain and the two poooonys ;D
he was the only guy and we had to show him who's the boss ;D

Mrs. G and my Ponys again <3

 this pic is from the last day, as you can see we didn't really cared about what our teacher was telling us about the museum, we were tired.

On sunday 4pm Alessia and I were finally free, our class left for the station to get their train back to Luxembourg and we, well we went eating some awesome japanese food and later got to our hotel at Marble Arch near the Oxford Street. Our hotel was just awesome! After that hostel it was like heaven ;D haha after we rested for about 2 hours (lazy~) we went to go through some shops near our hotel. The next two days were filled with shopping and having loooots of fun together. I was so happy that I could stay longer with her! She's such a cute girl and we laughed so much about really random stuff. And she really knows where to shop in London <3
Now I have to admit that I didn't take lots of pictures the last 3 days because I didn't had much time for it. I'll show you just some of the pictures I made. 

Here you can see our room on the second day xD haha yep a lot of shopping bags and those were not all of them! :D muhahahaha~ xD I was so happy that I took the big suitcase instead of the small one x___x

A quick outfit photo from sunday afternoon ;D

And here are the two last pictures for this post. Taken at quite the same moment ;) 

We were sitting in a bus because it started raining like hell outside and we decided to take a bus to get back to our hotel. And yep I know: How stupid is she taking a picture while riding a London-bus? xD Well it's me and the result was quite funny ;D

And here's the last one and for me the best one:
 Typical London right? Rain, red double decker buses and on top of that a rainbow <3

Hope you had fun with this post :)
Gonna post my shopping result as soon as I have time to take pictures of everything, because it's quite a lot of stuff you know. And yes I do have holidays but I have so much to do for school that I nearly don't have any free time ( ;^;)



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