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Gyaru Secrets

Okay I know I didn't post in a while now and I am really sorry about it but I didn't have something important to tell you guys since my school has started again and I am still waiting for some orders.

Well what I wanted to talk about here are those damn Gyaru Secrets, who must of you may know. I don't know what you think about that stupid idea, but I will state my thoughts about it here. This is for all those anonym bitches talking shit about the best gaijin gyarus:

1. gyaru secrets were meant to say what you want to tell somebody but you are too shy to do it in person right?
2. so why dissing awesome gyarus?
3. do those haters do that because they have nothing else to do?
4. hello~ I can smell jealouse bitches!
5. stop talking shit about others with hiding your personality!
6. be honest!
7. if you don't like something, ignore it and don't create such a stupid secret

well I could write a lot more about those damn secrets. One of my favorite gaijin gyarus wants to quit gyaru because of all the dissing and this is so sad! Is it so funny to talk bad about others? Or is it really just because they are jealouse? I don't know but one thing I do know:

Gyaru Secrets should stop!

I am so pissed right now... And to all the gaijin gyarus who got dissed: Ignore those bitches and live your style as you want to do it! There are others who love you the way you are! <3


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