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Schueberfouer 2011

And again~ 

On friday the annual fair in lux city started. It's somehow like the Oktoberfest but withouth beertents ;D haha~ only lots of funny games and stand to buy useless stuff. 
Since I couldn't go the last years because I was in Tokyo I thought I should definitely go to this year's. You know as someone who grew up here, you always want to see it even if it's every year kinda the same and it is really expensive. There was one game who costs 9,50€! And there happened an accident last night... one of the cables who holded the cabin got off and the cabin hanging on only one of the cables hit lots of times against a pole. The passengers seem to be okay but still, I won't go to that one! 
Well so we went there my two bests and some other friends of us and it was way too funny! :D I didn't go on any of the games, not because I am a pussy like my friend said -.- but because I was wearing my MiuMiu shoes and if I wanted to go to a game I had to take them off. I was scared that someone would steal them! Dx Well yeah ._. you could imagine that I was dressed gyaru-like... and dammit people in luxembourg are so boring when it comes to fashion! The only thing people did was looking at me like if I was an alien or someoen without any fashion sense. Stupid people! Dx My friends said that I look good and Tim said that it would suit me very well ;_; 


 We also took some funny pictures but I think they are too horrible so I will post only two of them xD" 

This one was taken with my friend's iPhone4 to be sure to get the ferris wheel too <3 It's every year the same one called "Bellevue". Unfortunately noone wanted to ride it Dx 
And yeah me with my 2 bests <3 
Tim and Carole <3
I love them like hell :D

Tim was fighting with his icecream xD He ate already too much before. I think he was trying to get rid of it by samshing it onto our noses Dx That sucked but at least we got a bit icecream too ;D

So yeah that was my weekend~ <3



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