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Hey guys!  <3
I am sorry for not writing about London yet, but my best friend came back from Australia last week and I was spending some time with him of course. After six month there was a lot to tell each other ;) And now I see what is happening in London and I am so shocked... Dunno when I will blog about London, because there isn't so much to say about.

Well what I wanted to write about is an awesome new fashion item I've got. My very own foxtail <3 I am so in love with it! It's from LDS <3 I bought it from sora-iro-days at lj, she was selling it in the gyaru-com-sales there for not much. I always wanted one and now I have a huuuuge one :D But it seems that it's a real foxtail... My dogs and cats showed me that and my dad thinks so too. Years ago he had got some from a hunter he knew. And yeah... I can't change it but my foxtail is so fluffy and cute!
For those of you who think now: "shame on you! You killer!" Well did you know that foxtails are the part of the fox which are never used when he got killed for his fur? The tail is always the left over stuff and foxes aren't killed for their tails.

I'm off now with my best friends for a lasertag afternoon!



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