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D-dorf and meeting with Sui-chan

Hey guys!
Here I am again and now I will blog about our trip to Düsseldorf and Cologne :D
The first two days we didn't do much, only shopping in the Immermannstraße, eating japanese food and visiting the Eko-Haus. That's such a beautiful place :O <3 It remembered me a lot of buildings I saw in Tokyo ._. (want to go back NOW Dx) Well yeah weren't really satisfied with what we found in the legendary Immermannstraße in Düsseldorf... The shops there are not that great, when you compare them to what I know in Paris it was most just a waist of time.

But this wasn't everything we did! So it wasn't a waist of time for us :D Because on Friday we went to Cologne to go shopping the whole day~ and in the afternoon we should met Sui-chan at the main station. It was so funny when we finally saw her! We were standing there, waiting, and then something cute-black-pink popped up and we were like "awwww~ there she is!" xDDD So funny! She's so nice and friendly, I am so happy that I could meet her in real. We went to a japanese restaurant called Akira and it was so delicious! (°___°) Katsu-curry <3 yummy! We had a lot of fun together :Dv

Saturday was our last day in Ddorf and Sui-chan invited us to the Boggy Peak meet-up. (a german gal-circle) Nathalie and Ania didn't seem that happy about meeting all those gals but they went with me because of Sui-chan. The meet-up was really fun, we took a lot of Purikuras and other photos and laughed a lot.

I am so happy that I could meet Sui-chan <3 Hope I can see her again as soon as possible ;D <3

Here are more photos of our 4 days there :D
Nathalie and Ania decorating puris <3
 Ania and me waiting for our meal at a japanese restaurant 8D
 decorating puris...again! DX
 lovely Laura and Sui-chan <3

Go check Sui-chans blog out for more picture of the meet-up :D

またね~ <3


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