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PinkyParadise order

Here I am again with big swollen cheeks 8Dv (reason:this morning my two last wisdom teeth were taken out) And I promised to make a little review about a wonderful shop I found some weeks ago :3

This shop is really what I was searching for since weeks! They have a whole range of circle lenses (I'm thinking of getting some) and they had my so love Dolly Wink products I talked about in an earlier post I've made. 
So now a list of the things I ordered: 

- Cream Eyeshadow 02 Rainbow Crystal
- Eyeshadow 04 Colorfull Pop
- Eyelashes No.01 Dolly Sweet
- Eyelashes No.08 Pure Little
- Eylashes fixer
- Candy Doll Lipgloss Milk Tea Beige
I used the colorfull pop eyeshadow last weekend and also the lipgloss and the colors are exactly what I was searching for! In the description of the eyeshadow is written that it is green and pink with black and white but for me it is more turquoise and light red white a little glitter black and silver white. But I love it! The lipgloss is really, how to explain? Heavy? And also really thick, I tried to not put too much. But it is the colour I was searching for since month and I am happy to have it now. 

All in one:
price: 132.84USD for 6 products w/shipping to Luxembourg. A lot? Hm I think it is okay for cosmetic products. I usually spent much on cosmetics so it is not a big change for me.
time: Fast! I had my order after 4 days (with weekend) and they meant that the order process could take up to 3 days. 
products: Yep they are original Dolly Wink and Candy Doll products

Conclusion: I will buy again from that awesome shop! Maybe next time some circle lenses and some other cosmetic products? Will see~

Dear my readers:
I saw a lot of posts regarding product reviews etc and I am wondering if you, my dear 16 readers, would like me to do posts like those too? With photos of me wearing the bought products, as you may have seen already in other blogs. So should I do that kind of posts too?


  1. I'd be always interested in Lolita style cosmetics.

  2. well I wouldn't only make lolita style cosmetics but also gyaru :)


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