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Here I am again~

A friend of me asked if I could make her a decorated iPhone case too. She saw my 3 different cases and was fascinated lol. I proposed that I could make her one too, so she told me which colours and style she wanted. The easiest is always to search at for a decoration kid which suits your idea. She found one there so I just added some extra stones and pearls to the order to have enough for an iPhone case. Well this wasn't a problem but to find a cheap iPhone 3G s case is so hard! X___x I had to go through the web for hours to find a page with super cheap cases. The problem here in Lux (I don't know if it's the same everywhere) is that now you can only find cases for the new iPhone 4 and yep that really sucks. The funny part is that the shipping for the two cases I ordered cost me more then the two cases... Well couldn't change it and it was still cheaper then anywhere else. 

Now it is almost finished I just need to add some more metal studs in gold to the border and then I can give it to my friend. Who's already excited while seeing the picture! xD 

Oh and on the picture here you can see another thing I've made today ;D My usb stick was so empty! :O 

またね~  Photobucket


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