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Japan Expo 2011 part.2

Here comes the second and last part about the Japan Expo in Paris! :D

My purchase

During the two days at the Japan Expo I've bought some things, more then last year. I was a bit surprised that they've had so much stuff related to Gyaru fashion there. But I was happy too :D Because I could fill up my range of eye lashes, deco nails and cosmetics too! Of course I could have bought even more stuff but I already made an order at PinkyParadise with cosmetics (will write a review about the shop soon!) so I held back with buying stuff.

Well I bought only two magazines... I was so disappointed! I was hoping to find a stand like last year where I could buy at least 5 Gyaru magazines, but I've just found Book Off where I bought the June edition of Kohakuma Ageha and a book store where I've bought the June edition of PopSister. Well couldn't change that fact right?
But instead I've found new earphones <3 My old ones broke two month ago, my favorite pink mickey mouse earphones which I've bought 2009 in Tokyo (;^;) But now I have nearly the same again! :D They've had on one stand about 4 different colours of them and of course I bought the pink version again xD" 
Beside this I've also bought a unofficial NewS uchiwa (it was way too hot sometimes). And I bought a big plush bunny :D It was so cute! I couldn't resist x3

So now coming to the Gyaru stuff~ First of all I bought some new lashes because the only one I have were two pairs of Fairy Lashes and I wanted some different kind of lashes. On one stand they had so many of the Diamond Lash serie! Well it was the same stand where they had the earphones... And they even had circle lenses and lens cases there, but no I didn't bought any of these. I am hesitating with buying circle lenses. Well Yeah here you see the eyelashes I've bought. Some upper lashes and some lower lashes too, my first lower lashes.

On the same stand they had deco nails <3 From Vivi Nail, so I had to buy some because the ones I was wearing were from Vivi Nail and I loved them so much. I only bought two pairs of nails, I thought I would find some other stand with fake nails. I did but I couldn't find it anymore on the second day... And while rushing by on the first day I didn't take a look on the nails (;___;) But yeah... Nathalie and I bought the same glitter nails and the others, well I just fell in love with them. But I need more! (>_<)

So now I will show you something of which you can be jealouse of! :D 

Yep these are original Candy Doll cosmetic products. Liquid foundation 03, Cheek color in strawberry pink and powder foundation 01. You may wonder why I said that you could be jealous? Well you know, I got these for free. Kidding? No! There was a stand from Koji and they were giving Candy Doll products and Jewerish eye lashes for free on sunday! Well normally we were just aloud to take one product each but while I was standing on the front I asked to those behind me which one they wanted of the foundations and nobody said something so yeah... What did I do? Yep I took them with me, I know that it's not right. But I was asking and nobody was answering and I was so pissed of the girls pushing me against the table that I just left with these three Candy Doll products. Before everybody else could take something, two foreign girls (idk where they were from but they were pissing me off, no Gyaru but just some mix of gothic and gyaru like hair and make-up) took like idk nearly a whole bag full of Candy Doll stuff and they run away before we could stop them. When they had left everybody was pissed off because they've taken away nearly everything and there was no lipgloss left and no eyelashes. Nice no?

So the last stuff I got on the Expo is my Golden Bomber merchandise <3 Here what I've got:
- The Golden Best -Pressure- album
- 2010 Kamihanki Best single
- 2 Kyan Yutaka (guitarist) badges
- phone strap/key chain with GB logo <3
- special towel with "pray for japan" on it (possibly to get money for the tsunami and earthquake victims)

The autographs are inside the booklet of the Kamihanki Best CD, because I so love the pictures inside of it and I didn't wanted them to sign some stupid white paper.

While posting about all the stuff I bought I realised that I totally forgot the two CD's I bought! Nami Amuro's new album Checkmate limited edition and BoA's US album. I wont post pictures because I think you all may know those two CD's and if not you need to buy them! Those are two really good albums which I recommand to everybody who loves BoA and Nami Amura.

So this was everything about the Japan Expo 2011 in Paris. Thanks for reading <3


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