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Japan Expo 2011 part.1

So I will start blogging about the Japan Expo in Paris! I know it's already more then a week after it but I didn't have much time but now I will post a bunch of photos and posts about the Expo! :D So be prepared! 8D 
Haha~ kidding ;D I will devide it in two parts, the first part (this one) will be about the Expo itself and the second one all the stuff I bought~ 
So let's start! <3
Japan Expo Paris 2011 12ième impacte

Nathalie and I went on saturday the 2nd and on sunday the 3rd to the so talked about Japan Expo. I wasn't expecting much, you know. Last year it was just all around too hot, too crowded with french otaku people and we were way too tired the two days, but we enjoyed it somehow. So this year my thoughts before going there were: "Will it be as hot as last year?", "will the people suck as last year?" or "Will I be able to go to any of the signing sessions?". Because last year I couldn't go to any of them (; ^ ;) But well, I was surprised, no I was shocked! Because it was so awesomly good and way too interesting this year! Maybe the reason was also that we already took the train on friday afternoon to go to Paris and check in in our damn cheap but clean hotel. So we could sleep well, had enough sleep and could prepare ourself for the mega event in Paris!

1st day - saturday

It was Nathalie's first time on the Expo and I told her that she shouldn't expect too much of it because most of the stuff they're selling there are Manga/Anime related things and the french cosplayers really suck sometimes. So we got up at about 8 o'clock to get ready and we did leave the hotel at about 10 o'clock, at the time the Expo opened. Ee took the bus, with a bunch of other exporanians, and arrived at Parc des Expositions at Paris Nord. Already way too many people! But we, as last year, got into the gigantic line, surprisingly we were in in about 10-15 minutes. And if I mean a gigantic line I do mean it like that. On the picture you see (I know it's really dark and blah it was taken while walking) the lines, yep there were many of them for each type of ticket. Our line was the one who was going best forward, oh happy us! So we got in and Nathalie's first reaction was: "WOW O_O" xD Of course, that's what everyone thinks because the Expo is really huge and I think noone expects something like this huge there in Paris. But well it was crowded again, of course, and it was hot but not as hot as last year (yai~)

Well we were walking through this huge halls and we were hungry, but we crossed a stand where my reaction was "Aaaah~ must take a photo with them!" xD The Kawaii girl Japan stand where they were advertising Misako Aoki's photobook and herself too. But she wasn't there (; ^ ;) After that picture: hunting for food! And that's something really hard to find if you don't know were to find food stands. But we found the one we wanted to find the atsuatsu stand with japanese food. We bought some curry-rice, for 15 damn euros, and filled our tummies to get ready for the long long walk. The things we really wanted to see that day were the concert of Golden Bomber and maybe their signing session too. And we managed to go to the concert but not to the signing session. That itself was an adventure... 

But yeah after going through the Expo some people took photos of us (lol? I was wearing normal rock-gyaru outfit and Nathalie kinda the same?) and we found some interesting stands and then there was that one stand we were searching for. *tabatabatabataaaaam* h.Naoto! Yai~ for finding it on the first day! And there started the funny part of the Expo: 
Nathalie: "It would be so cool if we would meet him by chance now!" *looking on the stuff*
me: "Well yeah it would be ... ! ... ehrm what's about this one?" *pointing with my finger on a small japanese guy next to me*
. . . (those are important!)

Nathalie: "Eh... (O 0 O)!"
And well yeah he, Naoto Hirõka was standing on my right side taking pictures with some girls. Haha~ so funny no? Well of course we wanted some pictures too~ (° _ °)v and we got them! And in addition to that we got our so wanted autograph too! YAI! Because the signing session was on Friday.
He was really friendly and he even said that I look really cute and wanted his friend to take a photo of us too. Haha funny. I thanked (in japanese of course) and he talked with both of us asking where we studied japanese. Lol? The same with every japanese guy~

And after that meeting, it was like a blush, we met a lot more famous people and saw a lot of other interesting stands at the Expo. So strange, haha~. I have to say that we saw some really fashionable guys on the Expo of whose Nathalie was completely blown away ;D And they were on the concert from Golden Bomber too! Wooohooo~  xD Well yeah the concert was just awesomly gorgeous! I didn't expect them to be so funny live and to act so freely in a country they never went to before. Thanks to them for that concert <3 I think I have some kind of a crush on the guitartist *haha* no kidding he was just looking so damn good and he was so cute x3 After the concert we went to their merchandising stand and saw that the signing session on saturday was moved so we rushed to the signing session room but haha really funny it wasn't true! And from that moment on I was pissed xD F*cking french organisation! But I could go the the signing session or Iruma Rioka instead <3 Appearently we missed her concert (; ^ ;) but at least I have my autograph now :3

Ah I nearly forgot something! XD There was a really really funny scene I've made after the Golden Bomber concert, while which one we took of our shoes so that we could dance along with the band. Well yeah I mentioned the fashionable guys right? Yeah well I was trying, point on trying, to slip into my shoes again. My so loved black bodyline shoes with ribbons on them. Yeah haha... well suddenly I was jumping around because I couldn't get my feat into that damn shoe! Dx And that's not everything about it, I was jumping in a circle and Nathalie didn't realize what I was doing next to her just looking like O.o and (oh what a surprise) 4 or 5 of the fashionable guys were walking past by! Oh what a damn disgrace! People... Nathalie and I couldn't stop laughing about ourselves after that but we were so embarrassed, especially me. But at least the guys smiled a second at us and passed by not too far away so that we could check them in detail lol.

Well yeah after all that we started to focus on leaving the Expo for that day, because it was already about 6pm and at 7 it would close. And no we didn't wanted to get stuck on the waiting lines for the bus. So back to the hotel and laughing so hard about all the things that happened during that day.

Don't stop reading please! Dx I know there's a lot to read and usually I do not do that but please at least once read on! ( ; O ;)

2nd day - sunday

Well for this day there isn't much to say about I think. It was awesome again, we met a lot other people and the same too ;D It was just really stressful because of the trains. The train to Paris Gare du Nord was really late and we were scared that we wouldn't be able to catch our TGV at 5.39pm. But we catched it! The train from the Expo didn't stop at not even one of the stops between Parc des expositions and Gare du Nord. We were so happy! On that day we tried to not walk through the Expo too much, only to the stands and things we really wanted to see.

The people we've met were:
- h.Naoto (again) >XD
- Misaki Aoki (yai for being able to met her in person!)
- Iruma Rioka (yep again too)
- and finally Golden Bomber <3

There was a signing session of Golden Bomber on the merchandise stand! (* ____ *) We were so damn happy but there were no pictures aloud to take! (; ^ ;) 
And while waiting for them Iruma Rioka did pass and even Misako Aoki. I had to take picture with them too~

Ha~ the second day made me so happy! I've met some of my idols (Misako Aoki and h.Naoto) and I even got some Candy Doll cosmetics for free. After fighting with the other gyarus. Oh by mentioning gyarus, I didn't see much of them during the two days, but when we were going to leave the Expo there was a group of gyarus sitting on the ground, maybe a meeting of a french gyaru circle? Who knows but they were looking at me. Unfortunatly I had to leave (and yeah I was too shy), otherwise we wouldn't be able to get our luggage and take the next train. 

So this was the first and possibly longest post regarding the Japan Expo. The next one will follow soon! Hope you liked reading so much from me after such a long time ;D 

またね~ <3


  1. It looks like FUN!! ;__; why don't we have an expo or festival too in switzerland Q___Q.... awwhhh! I'm sooo jealous! xD

  2. It looks like FUN!! ;__; why don't we have an expo or festival too in switzerland Q___Q.... awwhhh! I'm sooo jealous! xD


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