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Drama addiction

Hey guys <3

Maybe you know how addicted I was/am of japanese dramas? Well if not... you'll sure see now ;D
It's summer vacation and to forget about school stuff and have some time for myself I started downloading new dramas which are currently airing in Japan. God dammit I am addicted again! Dx I have the drama fever ;^;  daisukete~ Dx

Haha! Well, I do love dramas and I found one I am really addicted of: Ikemen desu ne <3 Yeah uhm if you know that you know that the 3 main male characters are from Johnny's... haha yeah... Sutewi loves Johnny's <3 especially the really cute ones :3 (Nino<3) The Johnny's are Tamamori Yuta and Fujigaya Taisuke both from Kiss-my-Ft2 (who debuted this May under Avex) and Yaotome Hikari from Hey!Say!Jump. Of course good looking guys and good actors too. Well about the drama it is really kitschy-type of story: A girl who has a twin brother and because her brother is hurt she has to replace him. She's now a new member of the japanese pop band A.N.Jell. It's quite funny even if the story is really worn out. But for those who know a lot of Johnny's, for example Arashi <3 or KAT-TUN, you may have heard some stories about Johnny Kitagawa-san too and the producer in this drama has some characteristics which are known. For example his using of "you" when talking to someone. During the first episode I couldn't stop laughing because I noticed all those Johnny-like things and there was even an A.N.Jell jet, like Arashi have some from JAL. 

Well I'll stop babbling fangirling now. Just watch this awesome drama please!

Another drama I've found is Ouran High School Host Club. Yaaaaah I'm sure a lot of you know the manga ;D But I'll be honest now: I hated the manga. Started reading it and stopped after some books because it was way too boring. Even so I thought I should take a look on the drama version and so did I. First I was sceptic about it but I watched the first episode and it is really funny and the actors are quite good too. One of the main characters is Yamamoto Yusuke <3 Since his Ghost Boy role in Hana Kimi I love him x3 There's no second episode yet but I'm looking forward watching it! 

And because I didn't had enough of good looking guys I started watching Zenkai Girl with Aragaki Yui, one of my favorite female actresses, and Nishikido Ryo from NEWS <3 I'm already at it's 3rd episode and I do love it! Aragaki-san has such a strange role but she's just <3 and Ryo is so cute and he's damn good looking. (A bit too much tanned maybe but still good looking) 

These are three of the currently airing dramas and I can recommand them. Go watch at least one of them and you won't regret it. ;)


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