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Dolly Wink + Candy Doll review

As I got the Milky Bunny - Bunny Days CD today and in the limited edition is a Candy Doll lipgloss I thought maybe I should make a review today?

Regarding the CD: It's so cute! The booklet is typical Tsubasa Masuwaka and the Sond, well I can't get enough of it. I am listening to it all the time, haha~ scary! xD I am even dancing along... Well the PV is included too on a DVD, that's why I dance "along" ;)

I tried my new Dolly Wink eyelashes and the ligloss included in the CD. The lipgloss has a light pink colour and has much glitter in it. It is really cute because it is made to use as a phone strap. 

Well now on to the review! <3

First the Dolly Wink eylashes: No.1 Dolly Sweet and No.8 Pure Little as lower lashes.
(don't pay attention on my two completely different shaped eyes please! If I don't open them really wide they look so different...) Click on the pictures for a bigger view!
All in one I am really happy about the result! As you can see I wear normal "gyaru" make-up. 
The No.1 Dolly Sweet lashes were really easy to glue on. I had to cut them a bit of course because they were too long for my eyes and the glue got stuck in the lashes at first, what isn't smth to recommend... Please pay attention while putting the glue on the lashes because taking the glue out again is really hard if you don't want to destroy the lashes. 
The No.8 Pure Little are two kind of lower lashes. The one I used were out of 6 pairs of lashes and so easy to use. The other ones are like upper lashes on one whole string to glue on. 
Here is a picture of my whole make-up with the lipgloss of the Bunny Days single. Well the gloss itself just gives your lips a shining pink touch but doesn't cover really good. Beside this it is hard to cover the lips with it, it's so... thick? Well I am a bit sad about the result of the extra lipgloss. I thought that it's Candy Doll so it has to be really good, but in fact it isn't.

Oh and yesterday I tried making my eyebrows thinner and I love the result! I used a little shaver to and the result is better what I expected it would be.


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