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Japan Expo 2011

Hi there!
I just wanted to let you all know that I will go to the Japan Expo on saturday and on sunday. If anybody wants to meet there, let me know and I will try my best! ;3 

I'm so happy that I can go again this year! I really need a break from school. We have so much to do atm and this evening I finally have my Murakami presentation. Wish me luck ;^; Well regarding the Expo unfortunatly Rukipe can't come with us but instead another dear friend of me and I will take the train on friday evening to go to Paris. I will try to make more photos this year, I swear! ;) 

Oh I can't wait to meet my friends again in Paris and to meet new people! And of course for all the concerts, signing sessions etc *w* Golden Bomber concert is a must for me! 8D Oh well I'm off again, I need to do some homework before I'll go to school again for my presentation.

またね~ <3


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